Why is it dangerous to carry a bag?

A harmless women’s handbag can become a dangerous thing. And how to avoid this, read below.

Frequent headaches.

The bag should not be heavier than 10% of your body weight. Otherwise, migraines, weakness, drowsiness, back and neck pain will accompany you for a long time. Be sure to carry your bag from one shoulder to the other. None of them will forgive you a bad attitude towards yourself. And for a second, most women carry bags on the same shoulder for 20-30 years. Every girl needs only to buy a leather bag with which there will be no problems.


Down with the subtleties.

Say no to thin straps. Not only do they constantly cut into the shoulder, they also cause problems with the shoulder muscles in the future. Especially if the strap is metal. Do not force your body for a long time, for the sake of beauty. And if your shoulder is already very tired, then take the bag in your hands in front of you and let your body rest a bit.



Bags are like travelers. First, she lies on the floor of the house, then in a public toilet, then somewhere in a clinic, in a cafe, in a taxi, and finally at home on the kitchen table. For the whole day, you can collect both staphylococcus and E. coli on your purse. And in general, a lot of other dirt, which will bring us nothing but trouble. So, try to wipe the bottom of the bag regularly.


We are expanding.

Carrying the same bag everywhere and always is not recommended. First, it wears out faster. And secondly, more and more things appear in it every day. And this leads to weighting and rapid wear. The conclusion is to have a separate bag for each exit. To the gym with one, to the store with another, on a date with a third, and to work with a fourth. The online store of Sherlock bags always has a large selection and good prices.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is not necessary to have a large assortment of bags in your apartment. You need to choose the right bags wisely. With us it is possible to find not only stylish, but also comfortable things. Moreover, our managers will help with great pleasure to make the desired purchase. In addition, the sale of bags begins today.

Choose bags in the right places.