who wears cat eye glasses

Designers, celebrities, and even ordinary girls have long appreciated the advantage of cat-eye glasses. No wonder last year they became the best-selling in the world! But who are cat-eye glasses for?

Frame for glasses “cat’s eye”

It is difficult to say with certainty who first proposed this form of glasses to the general public, but it is known that it became popular around the 50s of the XX century and since then it has practically not disappeared into oblivion. Many pop, film and television stars have expressed their love for cat-eye sunglasses more than once. So, one of the first to wear glasses in such a frame was the brilliant Marilyn Monroe, and among today’s celebrities, she is often chosen by the recognized style icon Olivia Palermo.

What to wear with cat-eye glasses?

Probably, another reason for the popularity of this form of frame is connected with the answer to this question. The fact is that cat-eye sunglasses are suitable for almost any outfit, with the exception of an emphatically tracksuit. You can wear them with a strict office set, and with light summer sundresses, and with casual style clothes, and with a beach set, and even sport chic, they will fit perfectly, being responsible for the second component of this synthetic style – “chic”.

Who are cat-eye glasses suitable for?

The cat-eye glasses are an oval-shaped model with elongated and pointed outer upper corners. Typically, such a frame is made of massive plastic or horn, but if desired, metal options can also be found. Also in stores you can find a large number of frames with an unusual finish on the corners. This can be decoration with rhinestones, and small metal plates, and even spikes or plastic flowers.

The cat-eye spectacle frame suits any type of face, harmonizing its proportions, making it more refined. That is why she enjoys such love from many designers and fashion designers. Glasses of this form will adorn any girl, and if you are in doubt what kind of glasses will suit you, try the “cat’s eye”, you will surely be satisfied. The most advantageous such glasses look on girls with a diamond-shaped oval face – a narrow chin and forehead and fairly wide cheekbones. If you are of this type, then a similar frame is a 100% winning solution for your appearance.