A white baseball cap will help create not only a stylish look, but also protect from the sun, because, as you know, the sun’s rays are attracted to light things less than to dark ones.

Variety of women’s white baseball caps

  1. new era. A popular American brand that has been producing hats for over 70 years and knows how to win the hearts of fashionistas. Every year she releases collections of baseball caps with trendy prints and colors. In addition, its products are of high quality tailoring and durability. No wonder that in 2012 the brand became the official supplier of hats for the National Football League.
  2. Supreme. Perhaps this brand was created in order to fill the usual look with notes of street style. The most interesting thing is that today this label is so popular that some fashionistas skillfully combine a white baseball cap with a mesh with a T-shirt dress. To this it should be added that he is adored by such world-class stars as Lady Gaga and Kate Moss.
  3. Obey. The rebellious worldview is what the models of this brand personify. After all, from time immemorial, clothing has been an ideal way for self-expression, the manifestation of individuality. The most interesting thing is that when creating new collections, designers tend to touch not only the theme of music, contemporary art, but also politics. It’s no surprise that Obama’s campaign posters were once created.
  4. Nike. This brand is not even worth talking about for a long time. Even the smallest mods know about it. White baseball caps from Nike are not only a fashion accessory, but also a durable item created from natural materials. Each product can be adjusted at the back depending on the size of the head. In addition, the sports brand offers a headwear with or without a print.