fingerless gloves

With the onset of the winter season, the question of how best to warm up and at the same time maintain maximum comfort becomes very relevant. Fingerless gloves, like the usual version of this wardrobe item, are an indispensable thing in order to protect hands from hypothermia and to protect them during work.

What are fingerless gloves called?

This wardrobe item has an interesting history of origin, it first appeared in ancient Egypt and symbolized luxury and prosperity. Many would be interested to know what fingerless gloves are called? There are two variations of their names:

  1. Mitts – such a designation was given to them in France in the 18th century. A characteristic feature is that they were kept on the hand due to small jumpers between the phalanges or only due to the plasticity of the material from which they were made. Among the noble ladies, French products performed an aesthetic role, they were complemented by ball gowns. In working-class neighborhoods, mitts were used to make work more comfortable.
  2. glovelettes – these are fingerless gloves that arose in America among “informals” already in the 20th century. Their difference from mitts is that these models have “fingers”, but they are cut off to the middle and open the upper part of the phalanges. Winter fingerless gloves, as well as the summer version of this thing, have earned great love and recognition from bikers, motorists, cyclists, so a sports line of these products appeared. Subsequently, they were chosen by show business stars for their performances, and then they began to be widely used on the catwalks during fashion shows.

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Women’s Fingerless Gloves

The accessory, which is used by the fair sex, performs not only a practical function, but also a decorative one, to create stylish looks. This is due to the fact that the contrast of the fabric and the opening fingers and skin fragment look incredibly feminine. There are two variations of applied fingerless glove styles that are diametrically opposed:

  1. A somewhat brutal look, which is achieved by combining leather and jeans accessories with leather jackets.
  2. A gentle and romantic image, this effect can be achieved if you use openwork models. An interesting variation would be if you use warm, large and even coarse-knit fingerless gloves in combination with light dresses. With the help of such a contrast, you can achieve incredible femininity.

Depending on the style, the following types of products can be distinguished:

  • with jumpers, while the phalanges remain completely open;
  • with phalanges closed to the middle;
  • with a fastened mitten;
  • in the form of solid pipes that do not contain compartments for palms and fingers;
  • short, medium or long fingerless gloves.

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Fingerless leather gloves

Leather accessories are associated with rocker or biker style, and they are really popular among motorcycle enthusiasts. They are also good in combination with casual clothes. With the help of leather models, you can create not only bold images. Particularly courageous girls dress them with a classic or light airy dress. This contrast looks very stylish.

Women’s leather fingerless gloves are in great demand among the fair sex who drive. But the leather that is used to make them differs from the material used for ordinary accessories in its strength and elasticity. With these characteristics, a maximum fit to the hands is achieved, which makes driving a particularly comfortable ride.

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Knitted fingerless gloves

Knitted accessories are traditionally associated with winter wardrobe. They can be made from both soft cashmere and thick durable yarn. Such models are perfectly combined with knitted things of different textures. They are suitable for almost any outerwear: jackets, down jackets, fur coats and sheepskin coats. Long knitted fingerless gloves are used in combination with outerwear that has a three-quarter sleeve. The combination of high mitts with a sweater with short sleeves looks original, if at the same time the skin area on the forearm remains open.

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Long fingerless gloves

In recent seasons, the trend is winter outerwear with a short sleeve, which can have a very short length or three quarters. As an addition to them, they use long knitted fingerless gloves, which look incredibly organic in this case. Similar accessories are successfully used with knitted dresses, knitted sweaters and even warm sundresses. There are several options for how to wear mitts:

  • leaving an open area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe forearm;
  • deliberately using products of very large length, leaving them half-mast and thereby creating folds.

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Fingerless driving gloves

Driving products are designed to give you maximum driving comfort. The main function that gloves for a driver without fingers should perform is to achieve close contact with the steering wheel, which is made possible due to the softness of the material. This is what makes them different from conventional models. The leather that is used for manufacturing is characterized by special properties:

  • incredible softness (sheep skin possesses it);
  • elasticity, strength, high thermal protection (deer skin);
  • unpretentiousness in care, long service life (goat skin).

Fingerless gloves for driving have a number of undoubted advantages, which include:

  • preventing hands from slipping on the steering wheel;
  • ensuring tight contact with the steering wheel;
  • freedom and ease of control of all levers and buttons on the panel;
  • protection of fingers from hypothermia;
  • contribute to the fact that the grip strength decreases, so the hands get less tired;
  • special cutouts on the knuckles eliminate discomfort when bending.

Recommendations for the correct selection of fingerless gloves are as follows:

  • must exactly match the size;
  • tight fit, as they can stretch over time;
  • the material must be non-staining;
  • machine processing of seams.

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Lace Fingerless Gloves

Lace accessories are traditionally used to complement evening dresses and light flying dresses made of silk or chiffon. Their style can be both ultra-modern and retro. Depending on the style, openwork fingerless gloves can be of the following varieties:

  • long (they are combined with open dresses) and short (combined with any festive outfit);
  • made in light or dark colors;
  • the usual form or with a loop that is worn on the middle finger, while the hand looks very elegant.

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Short fingerless gloves

If long accessories perform an aesthetic function, then short ones are considered more convenient. They provide comfortable work that needs to be done in a cool room, very convenient when they are used while driving. Shortened fingerless gloves for training are very popular with athletes, they can feel as comfortable as possible during training. This style is versatile and goes with almost any outfit.

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Fingerless sports gloves

Sports models have a special structure that is different from ordinary products. At the same time, the stylish design allows them to be successfully used outside the gym, they are especially popular with lovers of extravagant images and bikers. Paired with a biker jacket and jeans, fingerless sports gloves look simply unbeatable. The characteristic features of the products are:

  • the presence of an inner part with a leather reinforcement that protects the hands from calluses;
  • performance of the hygiene function, which is very important when using sports equipment;
  • for manufacturing, modern synthetic material is used, which allows the skin to breathe and makes classes comfortable. So, fingerless cycling gloves are equipped with special holes for ventilation, which eliminates the likelihood that your hands will sweat during the trip.

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Men’s fingerless gloves

Not only women want to feel comfortable and look stylish, but also a strong half of humanity. For lovers of brutal images, men’s leather fingerless gloves are designed. They can be perfectly combined with denim and leather clothing. Such accessories are extremely relevant among motorists, the problem of a cold steering wheel in this case will disappear by itself.

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Children’s fingerless gloves

With the onset of the winter season, it becomes very important for every mother to ensure that her child is protected from the cold while walking. Fingerless gloves for children perfectly cope with this task. They will not only save from frost, but also provide comfort to the baby during the game. Models have clip-on mittens that can be worn or removed at any time.

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