vintage sunglasses

Wearing branded items means having an excellent sense of style. Especially when it comes to Vogue brand sunglasses, the new collection of which won the hearts of many fashionistas already this year. After all, it is not only a durable accessory made of high quality raw materials. Glasses from the famous brand are the epitome of elegance, modern fashion trends. No wonder world-class stars seek to advertise them: Kate Moss, Adriana Lima, Deepika Padukone.

New collection of women’s Vogue sunglasses

Charlotte Ronson, known throughout the world as a talented British designer and creator of the brand of the same name, has already created a breathtaking eyewear collection this season. Each model is filled with spring notes of blooming femininity and the summer scent of the ocean breeze. So, here you can choose a frame, both in pastel colors and with a delicate floral print. Regarding her form, this season the seductive “cat’s eye” is gaining momentum.

In addition to such pleasant novelties, there is one more. So, for the second time, Eva Mendes, an American actress who became popular after the film “Training Day”, was invited to present a new collection of sunglasses from Vogue.

It would not be superfluous to mention that Charlotte herself speaks of Mendes with admiration, and notes that it was the beauty and grace of this woman that prompted her to create such a collection.

It is worth adding to this that earlier the face of Vogue sunglasses was a trio of girls with very different appearance, origin and culture. So, this is the actress from India Deepika Padukone, the Brazilian model Adriana Lima, as well as the star of Chinese cinema Liu Shi Shi. The bright image of each beauty has become a symbol of a stylish frame and colorful glasses of glasses from a famous Italian brand.