vintage perfume

Vintage clothing style is incredibly popular today among women of all ages. Designers periodically return to it and offer their vision in different collections. Vintage perfumes are also gaining momentum lately, and even young girls are trying to pick up something special for themselves.

What does “vintage perfume” mean?

In the question of what “vintage perfume” means, we can safely talk about fragrances of the 20th century or those that were released more than twenty years ago. Almost all of them were obtained at one time with great difficulty, they were applied only to important events and kept as your passport!

The greatest demand is for vintage fragrances released in the 60s and 70s and before the war, which is considered the golden age of perfumery. In a special position are vintage Arabic perfumes, which were made from natural ingredients and were distinguished by very high durability and a sweet tint, as well as vintage Soviet perfumes.

Most Popular Vintage Perfume

Gianni Versace

Perfume Gianni Versace – vintage from Versace from the family of chypre floral fragrances is distinguished by elegance and mysterious character.

Top notes: combination of aldehydes, fruity notes and bergamot.

Middle notes: aromas of carnation and gardenia, jasmine with lily of the valley and tuberose, there are notes of orris root and narcissus.

Base notes: a combination of oak moss, amber and patchouli with notes of leather and incense.

Vintage perfume 1

Spirits of Fiji

Perfume Fiji – vintage with a real story. The aroma of the floral group is exotic, while remaining simple and extraordinary at the same time.

Top notes: galbanum with bergamot, iris and tuberose.

Middle notes: synthesis of aldehydes with notes of rose, horse iris, violet and carnation.

Base notes: a combination of notes of patchouli and oakmoss, vetiver and amber, musk.

Vintage perfume 2

L’Air du Temps by Nina Ritchie

Perfume L’Air du Temps by Nina Ritchie – 1948 vintage. The fragrance belongs to the floral family, has a feminine and elegant character.

Top notes: floral notes of carnation and rose echo with aldehydes, patchouli and bergamot.

Middle notes: a combination of aromas of violet, with carnation, orris root with gardenia, as well as rosemary and orchid.

Base notes: benzoin with musk, notes of oakmoss and vetiver, iris and musk.

Vintage perfume 3

Perfume Anais Anais

Perfume Anais Anais – vintage by Cacharel, also from the floral family. This is a classic vintage perfume with a characteristic recognizable aroma.

Top notes: bergamot and orange blossom, lavender and black currant, notes of honeysuckle and galbanum.

Middle notes: lily of the valley with orris root, tuberose and pomegranate flower, rose with honeysuckle.

Base notes: a combination of vetiver, amber and oakmoss with notes of leather.

Vintage perfume 4

Perfume Red Moscow

Perfume Red Moscow – the most famous vintage in the expanses of the former USSR. Vintage perfumes from the Novaya Zarya brand belong to the group of chypre floral fragrances. This vintage USSR perfume for the autumn-winter period has a rich and evening aroma.

Top notes: bergamot, coriander and orange tree.

Middle notes: clove with jasmine.

Base notes: vanilla with iris.

Vintage perfume 5

Chanel N°5

Vintage French perfume Chanel N ° 5 from Chanel was the pride of any of their owners. These vintage perfumes in the USSR were a real legend. The fragrance belongs to the group of floral aldehydes.

Top notes: aldehydes combined with bergamot and neroli.

Middle notes: orris root, jasmine with rose, lily of the valley and iris.

Base notes: notes of vetiver, vanilla, oak moss with musk, amber and patchouli.

Vintage perfume 6

Kristine by Dzintars

Vintage perfume Kristine from Dzintars is a great solution for young ladies. Perfume radiates optimism and vitality.

Top notes: orange blossom, iris.

Middle notes: rose flower.

Base notes: musk, cardamom.

Vintage perfume 7