Versace Versense

The aromas that surround us have amazing power. The smell is able to dip into memories, immerse in the world of dreams, cheer up. Perfumers are well aware of this, therefore, with enviable regularity, various new fragrances appear in the world of fashion and beauty, dressed in all kinds of bottles. Becoming the owner of a novelty is a tempting, seductive prospect, but the result does not always guarantee satisfaction from the purchase. That is why perfume compositions that first appeared on the shelves of boutiques many years ago can still be in demand. Eau de toilette Versense Versace for women is proof of this. For six years now, women have not been able to resist the desire to own this stunning fresh fragrance, which was launched in 2009 by the famous Italian fashion house Versace. The tragic events associated with the death of the founder, the division of the rights and assets of the company, the renaming of the house from Gianni Versace to Versace did not affect its popularity, and the Versace Versense perfume once again confirmed the fact that the position of the empire is quite strong.

The contrast of freshness and sexuality Versace Versense

The desire of girls to conquer men’s hearts and cause envy among rivals is quite natural, but I don’t want to use frankly sexual fragrances for this purpose that reveal all the secrets. The famous perfumer Alberto Morillas, who has collaborated with the Versace fashion house not for the first time, managed to make women’s dreams come true. Versace Versense for lady fragrance, embodying the harmony of the Mediterranean, has become this reality. Warm perfume composition is an exquisite interweaving of sunlight, sea breeze and snow-white sand. The floral woody-musky pyramid of Versace Versense toilet water strikes with sensuality, harmony, natural intoxicating energy of the Mediterranean coast. The play of a sunny refreshing melody begins with the fragrance of citrus, woven from the finest chords of green tangerines, bergamot and Indian fig, as prickly pear is called. At the top, the fragrance opens with a happy prelude of «heart» of jasmine and white sea lily. Over time, the floral «heart» turns into life-giving energy with accents of cardamom with a bitter-spicy aftertaste. The description of the Versace Versense fragrance pyramid is completed by a persistent trail that plays with sandalwood, cedar, musk and olive tree:

  • top notes: bergamot, green mandarin, prickly pear;
  • middle notes: sea ​​white lily, jasmine;
  • base notes: sandalwood, cedar, musk, olive tree.

Origins of popularity

Of course, the unique perfume composition became the primary reason for the huge popularity of Versace Versense, but the design of the 2009 novelty deserves attention. Versace Versense1
The bottle that contains the fragrance seems rustic at first glance, but it is the classic rectangular shape and transparent glass with a barely noticeable greenish-yellow tint that makes it clear that the main thing is inside. The designers have decorated the bottle with the company logo – the Rondanini jellyfish and the cap, which is made of white metal with an ornament in the Greek style. The campaign, featuring photographer Michelangelo di Battista and model Toni Garn, emphasized the elegant sensuality of Versace Versense.

As for the volume, the bottles are standard — 30, 50 and 100 milliliters in the EDT version. It is also possible to purchase the Versace Versense set, in which you will find eau de toilette, miniature, body milk and shower gel.