Versace glasses

The collection of eyewear from the fashion house Versace combines classics, luxury and sensuality. In these glasses, you will definitely catch the admiring glances of your friends, as well as random passers-by.

Versace sunglasses for women

Among the latest models, as well as options that have become classics, special attention should be paid to the following options:

  1. Inspired by the brand’s jewelry line, Donatella Versace has launched a new line of Versace Crystal Medusa sunglasses. Gold-plated glasses from this collection are complemented by metal details and Swarovski crystals.
  2. Round frames are also very popular. As a color scheme, Versace offers options such as brown waves or brown tortoiseshell.
  3. Also, the fashion house is developing many models of cat-eye and dragonfly glasses. These options, emphasizing the fragility and femininity of their owner, are presented in many different shades, for example, the classic version – glasses with gray lenses in a black frame.

Benefits of Versace Sunglasses

Versace sunglasses combine the functions of a stylish accessory and protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. The most significant advantages of such glasses include the following:

  • 100% protection from harmful UV rays;
  • lenses made from mineral glass require much less maintenance than conventional glass options;
  • The special polycarbonate used in the manufacture of these glasses does not lose its properties even after prolonged use.

Thus, by purchasing Versace sunglasses, you become not only the owner of a stylish accessory, but also a reliable protector of your eyes from the harmful effects of the environment.