Urban backpack - a fashionable and practical women's accessory for every day

Backpacks, which were once a mandatory component of equipment only for military and climbers, gradually and unshakably took root in the life of an ever-hurrying resident of the metropolis. A stylish urban backpack is a new page in the elegant world of haberdashery.

How to choose a city backpack?

A city backpack is a functional part of the image, when choosing it, you should pay attention not only to the combination with the basic things of your wardrobe, but also to convenience:

  1. In the conditions of the stone jungle, extreme conditions are rare. If you carry an expensive camera, documents, or books in your backpack, opt for waterproof options.
  2. A roomy accessory is great, but take care of your back. For girls, the capacity should not exceed 15-20 liters.
  3. Give preference to models with compartments and compartments. Some products have anti-shock sections for equipment.
  4. In such a matter, how to choose a backpack for the city, you should pay attention to the material. Leather, leatherette, textiles are ideal for casual looks. Sports models are made of durable polyester or neoprene.

how to choose a city backpack

Fashionable women’s backpack for the city

Now the urban women’s backpack is in the top of fashion preferences. Today it is not just a means of carrying things, but a bright and interesting touch to your everyday outfit. Among the fashion trends that distinguish fashionable urban backpacks, this year you need to pay attention to the following varieties:

  1. You can remain feminine and elegant by complementing the image with a small backpack-bag.
  2. If your choice is a model made of leather or a substitute, it should be decorated with straps, metal fittings, zippers. Relevant option, made under snake skin.
  3. Sports models can be in practical dark colors, but it is better to paint the dullness of everyday life with bright colors. A variety of beautiful prints to help you.
  4. Single strap products are an original accessory in the most ordinary look.

fashionable women's backpack for the city

Fashionable women’s backpack for the city

fashion urban backpacks

Textile urban fashion backpacks

The undeniable practicality of backpacks has made them an integral part of urban style. And while leather is a big favorite of the season, the best backpacks for the city can also be made from textiles. In this quality, strong and reliable nylon or polyester is used. Among the bright trends of the current season, the following options stand out:

  1. Models with large patch pockets and leather straps are back in fashion.
  2. Along with dark colors, cheerful tones are relevant: turquoise, raspberry, pink, light green, lilac will dilute the usual gray palette of everyday life.
  3. Stylish girls will love denim products. The decor with lace gives special tenderness.
  4. For a romantic look, it is easy to choose the right accompaniment — a velor backpack.

textile urban fashion backpacks

Textile urban fashion backpacks

best backpacks for the city

Women’s backpacks-bags for the city

The original version for fashionistas is a cross between a familiar bag and a backpack: thanks to the movable straps, it can be worn on one shoulder or on both. Such a transformer is convenient for a quick response to your current look: if on this day you feel like an elegant lady, pull the straps together and wear it like a regular bag. Another option that a women’s urban backpack can be presented with is a stylish carrying product, which, in addition to the usual straps, has one and two short handles.

women's backpacks bags for the city

Women’s backpacks-bags for the city

women urban backpack

Women’s urban leather backpacks

The classic of conciseness without distracting details is back in this year’s trendy top. A black, brown, grey, blue or powdery backpack will fit in with most of your casual school or work outfits and highlight your commitment to good taste and elegance. The simplest but effective finishing in the form of a zippered pocket, a clasp fastening, a rivet or a patch pocket is welcome.

In addition to minimalism, the urban leather backpack is good in other, no less spectacular variations that allow you to perfectly match your everyday things:

  • quilted trim is a fresh trend, thanks to which the backpack looks voluminous;
  • models with embossing, for example, under the skin of reptiles, with a geometric pattern, paisley pattern and so on;
  • products with a drawstring upper part;
  • urban women’s backpack, decorated with fringe;
  • models made of leather or leatherette, additionally decorated with fur.

urban leather backpack

Women’s urban leather backpacks

Women's Urban Leather Backpacks

Fashionable women’s urban leather backpacks

fashion urban backpacks

Single strap urban backpack

Youth single strap option is a good alternative to a regular backpack. With only one strap, wide and comfortable, it is securely fixed on the back or front. An interesting configuration is ideal for an active city life, as it allows you to quickly get the necessary thing from a pocket or compartment. The small size, which single-strap backpacks for the city mainly differ in, is compensated by many compartments. Special belts and devices allow you to adjust the length of the strap personally for you.

single strap urban backpack

Large urban backpack

A small accessory looks neat. If there is a need to constantly carry a lot of things with you, the best way out is to buy a women’s everyday city backpack with a capacity of 15-20 liters. Do not be afraid that the chosen model is too bulky and visually rough. One of the brightest trends of the season is interesting models in military style. The urban women’s backpack is similar in color and cut to military uniforms. The designers have foreseen the possible discomfort from carrying heavy weights, providing the backpack with reinforced straps with soft lining and a special back design.

large urban backpack

Large urban backpack

Women's Casual Urban Backpack

Small urban backpack

If carrying capacity is not such an important criterion for choosing an accessory for a modern resident of a metropolis, you can take a closer look at another trend of the season, a small backpack. There are models so miniature that they barely exceed the size of a clutch. Only the essentials are placed here — a wallet, keys, a smartphone. But do you really need something else for a fun party with friends or in a club? A small backpack for the city is ideal for slender girls who want to look fashionable and modern.

small urban backpack

Small urban backpack

small backpack for the city

Flat urban backpack

A massive lush carrying, constantly touching others in transport or in crowded places, can hardly be called a good choice for a metropolis. This fact was fully foreseen by designers who, for the conditions of a big city, offer models of a flat structure. The urban backpack seems to spread over the back, while remaining narrow, but having a certain shape and dense walls.

You can put notebooks and documents in it without fear that the sheets will be damaged or wrinkled. One of the actual forms of the accessory is a drop, when the lower part is expanded compared to the upper one. The flat city backpack made of leather is so refined that only the shoulder straps betray its status as a back carrier. Textile models made of dense fabric look good.

flat urban backpack

Urban backpack with ears

Youth is enthusiastic about experimenting, especially when it comes to fashion. Original youth urban backpacks, decorated with cute and flirty ears of funny animals, are a popular option among schoolgirls and students who need to carry textbooks and notes. A cute urban backpack goes well with almost any item of youth wardrobe.

A common version of the ears is cat ears, often complemented by schematic images of the muzzles and paws of these cunning animals. Hare and mouse ears, as well as owl ears, are also in the top preferences of young fashionistas. A bright and interesting accent is found on both leather and textile models in various colors, both dark and unabashedly colorful.

urban backpack with ears

Urban backpack with ears

youth urban backpacks

Casual print backpack for women

The laconic rigor and elegance of leather models is beyond doubt; nevertheless, the original print on textiles is considered the most interesting trend of this year. Manufacturers did not skimp on imagination, offering the best urban backpack of incredible beauty:

  1. Floral prints will appeal to girls who prefer feminine and romantic looks. Moreover, it can be both large and small drawing.
  2. A stylish urban backpack with boho prints and patterns also tops this year’s trendy prints.
  3. Models with images of flags and symbols of various countries are still relevant.
  4. Animal print, duplicating the skin of predators or snakes, is another good option for the current season.
  5. A good choice for a fashionable look would be a model with a geometric print.
  6. The choice of the brave and those who love originality — futuristic motifs.

casual print backpack for women

Casual print backpack for women

stylish urban backpack

What to wear with a women’s urban backpack?

The advantage of unloading both hands, which gives a city backpack, makes it a desirable accessory for a fashionista in an active rhythm of city life. But at the same time, carrying on straps poses a problem for fashionistas, what clothes to choose correctly. For adherents of sports style, this issue is not a problem, the rest will have to more carefully compose a daily ensemble.

A couple of recommendations on how to wear a women’s backpack in the city will help you create a competent image:

  1. A glamorous backpack is equally good with jeans, a fluffy skirt, leggings, or a casual dress.
  2. A model with a bright print is best chosen for plain clothes. A monochrome product is appropriate for both a plain wardrobe and a thing decorated with patterns.
  3. White, beige, brown or black models made of expensive leather with a laconic design fit perfectly into the business style of classic trousers and skirts.
  4. Jeans, models in «girl» colors are ideal for romantic looks — airy skirts, cute dresses.

what to wear with a women's urban backpack

Stylish bows with a city backpack

with what to wear a women's backpack to the city