Orion umbrellas

Umbrellas Orion, have recently become widespread. They have earned the unconditional trust of consumers, thanks to their reliability and stylish design.

Many people are wondering: who produces Orion umbrellas? They are produced by a Russian company specializing in the manufacture of these accessories. At the same time, the priority in its activity is the production of such products that will best meet the needs of the client, namely: ease of handling, high strength and attractive appearance.

Orion umbrellas

In the manufacture of the dome and frame of Orion umbrellas, modern technologies are used and the latest materials are used. So, bearing and supporting spokes, tips for them, springs, couplings are made of:

  • become;
  • aluminum;
  • fiberglass;
  • carbon.

At the same time, the optimal ratio of high-strength steel, which gives the structure reliability, and composite materials, which make the product lighter, is maintained.

The umbrella folding mechanism can be:

  • semi-automatic — typical for a cane;
  • fully automatic — in 3-4 additions;
  • mini model — in 5 additions, this umbrella can easily fit into any women’s handbag.

The following types of materials are used as materials for the dome:

  • satin — This fabric has a special glossy sheen, which makes it extremely attractive for fashionistas. Another advantage is that satin is very pleasant to the touch. The increased resistance of the dome to snow and rain is achieved due to Teflon impregnation;
  • fabric polyester — is a more expensive option. It is characterized by a high density of threads, which ensures its water resistance. In addition, the fabric is wear-resistant and retains its shape well;
  • chameleon — This is a special type of fabric that combines the interweaving of two types of threads: nylon and polyester. Due to the fact that they are painted in different colors, the material has an incredibly interesting color effect, shimmering when light hits it.

Umbrellas manufactured by Orion are equipped with special protective mechanisms: “arbitrary opening” and an “anti-wind” system. This reliably protects the product from premature failure.

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