Types of glasses

Just a few years ago, glasses were a nightmare for schoolchildren and teenagers, and today they are an incredibly fashionable and popular accessory. They are worn everywhere, even by those who have one hundred percent vision. The variety of shapes, frames, purposes is simply amazing.

What types of glasses are there?

There are only a few categories of separation of this accessory, according to its purpose:

  • for vision correction;
  • protective (usually for working at a computer);
  • sun protection;
  • for reading;
  • fashion.

Most often, they purchase sunscreen and corrective vision models. Today, the choice of frames is so wide that the question of replacing glasses with lenses has long disappeared. Spectacle frames have become stylish, with unusual materials and finishes, so they are now more of a fashion accessory than something to be embarrassed about.

Types of eyeglass frames

First, let’s look at the types of glasses for vision.

As a rule, frames are made of plastic or metal. The most common material today is cellulose acetate. It is very light, cheap and allows you to create a wide variety of color schemes. As for the metal, the most commonly used are monel, titanium, beryllium, flexon and aluminum. Among the types of glasses for vision in the form of a frame, browliners, «cat’s eye», «insect eyes» and square horn-rimmed glasses are popular.

There are many types of sunglasses. The already familiar browliner frame is also successfully used for the summer version of the glasses. The shape is distinguished by a massive upper part, very similar to thick eyebrows.

Among the types of eyeglass frames, the wayfarers are in demand among young people. Interest in retro frames has recently begun to grow rapidly. This form suits almost everyone and fits well with all styles.

Aviator sunglasses are considered to be a permanent classic among the types of glasses. Due to the variety of models, everyone will be able to choose a pair for themselves, and you can combine such glasses with almost any clothing and hairstyle.

Another contender for the Audience Choice Award for sunglasses is sports frames. They became especially popular after the release of the sensational «Matrix». The model belongs to the types of glasses that are designed for recreation and an active lifestyle.