transparent glasses

Transparent glasses, which many also call fashion glasses, have gained particular popularity in recent years. They become an original and necessary addition to many stylish looks, some young people even begin to wear transparent glasses all the time.

Glasses with clear lenses

Such glasses, by their appearance, are very similar to models designed for vision correction, but inside they do not have special lenses that create one or another optical effect. In fashion glasses, they are replaced by simple glasses. Thus, all attention is focused on the shape and finish of the eyeglass frame, as well as how it harmonizes with clothing and hair, and the shape of the face of the owner of this accessory.

Transparent glasses without diopters are most often purchased as a fashion accessory that can complement a certain number of stylish looks. They are especially common among young people. Girls complement casual, smart casual and office outfits with similar glasses.

There are also transparent sunglasses that have UV protection. These glasses are suitable even for wearing in summer. Another interesting option is glasses with a transparent frame, which look light, stylish and at the same time very unusual.

Advantages and disadvantages of glasses with clear lenses

Wearing glasses with clear lenses by those who do not need vision correction can be dictated by various reasons. Such glasses allow you to give the appearance of great seriousness, maturity and some intelligence. This can be used by many young professionals who are just starting to build a career, but at the same time do not want their short experience in the profession to give rise to being perceived as frivolous or inexperienced employees. Another advantage of transparent glasses for their owners is that the right shape of the frame allows you to hide imperfections on the skin (for example, bags under the eyes), as well as harmonize facial features.

The disadvantage of such an accessory is its possible harm to vision when worn for a long time. The fact is that glasses without diopters make it difficult for peripheral vision, since there is a frame in its path. Because of this, a person has to constantly turn his head towards the object that he wants to consider. Over time, this can lead to a decrease in vision, so doctors strongly advise against wearing glasses without diopters all the time.