Tote bag - what is it, what is the difference from a shopper, what to wear with?

For several seasons in a row, the tote bag has not gone out of fashion and is considered a real hit. Its undoubted advantages include practicality, attractive appearance, versatility, the ability to combine with different wardrobe items.

Women’s tote bag — what is it?

In the last few years, the most practical and timeless model has appeared in the collections. She equally quickly fell in love with the most avid fashionistas and those women who do not follow fashion very much. Many girls who decide to get a stylish novelty are wondering: what does a tote bag mean? Translated from English, this name means «carrying». The product fell in love with the fact that it has the following features:

  • capacity, thanks to which you can carry a significant number of things;
  • elegant appearance, the accessory can be used both for everyday wear and for going to the office;
  • can be made from almost any material: expensive leather and suede, economy leatherette, canvas and fabric;
  • a variety of shapes, to your taste you can choose a product in the form of a square, trapezoid, rectangle;
  • for ease of carrying it is equipped with comfortable handles, a shoulder strap may be present;
  • the structure can be both soft and hard;
  • the number of internal departments may vary;
  • different design techniques are used, stylish pockets, zippers, rivets are found on the surface.

women's tote bag what is itwhat does tote bag mean

Tote bag and shopper — what’s the difference?

Understanding fashion terminology, one should distinguish between such types as a tote bag and a shopper. Some do not find fundamental differences between these two models, but there are a number of features that distinguish them from each other:

  1. The main difference between these products from each other is the form. A shopper is an elongated model with two handles, more like a bag. Tote looks like a regular large model with parallel handles.
  2. Tote has a rigid frame, while the shopper is soft and frameless.
  3. The shopper has no fasteners and compartments, the tote inside has two or three roomy compartments and pockets, everything is fastened with a magnetic button or a zipper.
  4. The shopper emerged as a more cultured and personalized alternative to supermarket and convenience store bags. You can’t wear it to work or to an informal daytime event, while a stylish tote bag perfectly complements your daily look.

tote bag and shopper what is the difference

Branded tote bags

Expensive brands were the first to adopt the idea of ​​comfortable and roomy products. Manufacturers of such accessories are thinking about combining an expensive branded item with practicality. Fashionable tote bag has become the calling card of many famous design houses. With it you can see many celebrities in the photos taken by the paparazzi, the choice stops on such a model, thanks to its comfort in wearing and spaciousness. Accessories of different brands are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • size, from a mini, reminiscent of a clutch, to a huge, extremely roomy model;
  • materials used for manufacturing, they can have a very rigid structure or, on the contrary, incredibly soft. Genuine leather, its substitute, fabric materials are used;
  • purpose, some models are suitable for going to the office, while others are suitable for everyday walks. There are also beach options;
  • design features characteristic of a particular brand. Some are characterized by simplicity and conciseness, while others are characterized by the use of all kinds of decorative elements;
  • the product can be easily worn on the shoulder, elbow bend or simply in the hand, holding the handles;
  • a branded tote bag is quite appropriate at many parties, fashion house designers take care of the brand image and the appearance of the product, creating noticeable features that attract the attention of connoisseurs and lovers of fashion brands.

branded tote bags

Branded tote bags

fashionable tote bagbag model tote

Michael Kors tote bag

The famous American brand produces stylish accessories, which include the Michael Kors women’s tote bag. It has the following characteristics:

  • distinguished by classic colors and strict lines;
  • the special finish of genuine leather, from which Michael Kors products are made, distinguish them from a number of many brands;
  • a tote-style bag from this manufacturer has several important features that make these models comfortable. This is a rigid frame, it stands perfectly on a flat surface, at the bottom there are four rivet-legs that protect the bottom from abrasion of the skin;
  • thanks to the rigid frame, it is roomy and holds its shape perfectly;
  • classic Michael Kors models have a trapezoid shape, expanding from the bottom to the top.

michael kors women's tote bagmichael kors women's tote bag

DKNY tote bag

Fashion brand DKNY takes care of the impeccable appearance of the urban fashionista and releases stylish tote bags. Comfortable and stylish things and accessories in addition to them are the calling card of DKNY. Products from this brand will be reliable companions of girls for every day, for a formal dinner or evening with friends. They have the following traits:

  • can be classic trapezoidal, square or rectangular, elongated upwards;
  • not too big, but roomy, with several functional internal compartments;
  • narrow medium-length handles make it easy to carry on the shoulder, in the hand, in the crook of the elbow, everything is thought out in detail.

dkny tote bagstylish tote bags

Coccinelle tote bag

Fashion brand Coccinelle offers many options for classic accessories in interesting shades this season. The Coccinelle women’s tote bag has the following details:

  • it is a lightweight classic, these are softened lines, and thin handles, and interesting color options;
  • an alternative to strict black products can be a variety of pastel-colored models from Coccinelle;
  • the fashion brand offers a wide range of colors from light beige, pastel pink, blue, to a muted yellow, it can be a classic black tote bag;
  • Coccinelle is experimenting a bit with the form. In the spring, handbags will have the shape of a trapezoid, slightly tapering upwards, this is practical and allows you to place a wallet, a cosmetic bag and a few other necessary things at the bottom.

coccinelle tote bagwomen's tote bag coccinelle

Furla tote bag

The famous brand Furla does not change itself, it is associated with quality combined with impeccable appearance. Things of this brand are recognizable due to their strict and streamlined forms. The Furla Metropolis tote bag is characterized by the following features:

  • this is not just a voluminous bag with a zipper, it is a small bag in shape;
  • have a tight clasp and perfect shape. They are strict and very feminine at the same time;
  • inside the tote-style bag has functional compartments in which all the necessary things can be easily placed;
  • this brand takes great care of the shape of the handbags it produces. In the new spring-summer 2018 season, Furla is still true to the classic traditions and favorite colors: black, marsala, dark beige and brown.

furla tote bagtote bag furla metropolis

Tommy Hilfiger Tote Bag

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that has firmly occupied its niche, their clothes and accessories are original and recognizable, there are more and more fans of the brand every season. The tote bag for women from Tommy Hilfiger is a flare far from the classic shades and shapes, with the following characteristics:

  • products are a little softer, not as strict and framed as handbags from other brands;
  • rarely when they can be monophonic, they are sewn from combinations of different skin colors, with metal inserts and appliqué elements;
  • in the new season, Tommy Hilfiger does not change itself and the line of their handbags is still youthful and bright;
  • Combining navy blues with deep reds and whites are recognizable brand colors that are embodied in the appearance of Tommy Hilfiger models.

tommy hilfiger tote bag

Dolce Gabbana tote bag

One of the leading brands in the global fashion industry, Dolce Gabbana impresses with a variety of trends, accents and motifs. As striking as clothing, perfume and cosmetics, Dolce Gabbana accessories can find admirers among representatives of any gender and worldview. This is the peculiarity of the brand — to cover as many potential buyers as possible.

The Dolce Gabbana tote bag is a smart combination of the highest level of practicality with sophisticated looks. In the new spring season, the brand’s designers offer, in addition to actual pastel shades, to use floral embroidery with satin threads on the leather canvas of the bag. These will be extremely bright floral patterns that give originality to the thing.

dolce gabbana tote bagdolce gabbana tote bag

Tote bag — what to wear with?

A great choice to complete your everyday look is a leather tote bag. The following combinations are allowed:

  1. Jeans, a loose shirt with rolled up sleeves, comfortable loafers and a loose-fitting cardigan — this bow is perfectly complemented by a large model.
  2. Fitted coats or trendy leather jackets, combined with an accessory in a contrasting or classic black color, are a great solution for every day.
  3. Comfortable and practical, the tote bag is an excellent ensemble with almost any casual and office style clothing. You can carry documents to work in it, go to an informal dinner with friends.

tote bag with what to wearstylish tote bag

Bulky totes

One of the favorite everyday models for the urban fashionista is the oversized tote bag with side zippers. It easily fits a wallet, cosmetics, mobile phone and many different necessary and useful gizmos and gadgets that you may need during the day. They are equipped with well-stitched handles that will withstand the heavy weight of the contents of the bag. They are often chosen by students, young mothers, lovers of active shopping, such accessories fit perfectly into the casual style.

oversized tote bags

Mini tote bag

For those who like to combine beauty with high capacity, a mini tote bag is extremely convenient. Although it has external small dimensions, it is able to accommodate more things than a reticule, clutch or mini backpack, therefore it is considered a more practical and convenient solution for every day. In addition, the product will perfectly fit into an evening bow, allowing you not to neglect comfort.

mini tote bagbag model tote