Having come into a person’s life from time immemorial, the bag has firmly established itself in everyday life, thanks to its convenience and functionality.

Initially, in the form of rough shoulder bags made of the skin of slain animals, intended for carrying weapons in ancient nomadic tribes, as well as any small household utensils, to original prototypes of our fashionable shoulder bag.

The Romans and African tribes clung to the likeness of pockets around the neck, belt or wrist. Over time, members of the clergy were seen wearing designs similar to today’s briefcases. French dandies at the royal courts took a step further, realizing that it was already inconvenient to wear perfume bottles and coins in the folds of wide lace sleeves and came up with miniature pouch bags.


Let’s look at the TOP 8 interesting facts about them

No. 1 – From antiquity to the present day

What types of men’s bags were used in the past, from mammoth hunting to the days of powdered wigs and stocking-covered strong male legs?

  • Furs, shoulder packs made from inside-out animal skins.
  • Pouches for amulets.
  • Tobacco pouches or cash pouches.
  • Ridiculi.
  • Portfolios.
  • Bags.
  • Waterskins for water, milk and wine.
  • Tablets for drawing up a plan of the area.
  • Chests.

Since then, centuries have passed, fashion has changed tirelessly, not depriving men’s leather bags of attention, which, along with clothes and shoes, have rightfully taken pride of place on the shelves of boutiques.

Focusing specifically on bags for the stronger sex, I would like to say, being conservatives, many today successfully manage exclusively with trouser pockets, in which all sorts of rubbish rings. But every day more and more people are inclined to think that without this accessory it is impossible to achieve maximum comfort in life.

No. 2 – Filling

It is worth looking into a men’s bag to understand for what purposes the owner chooses it? As a rule, the inner content will not be as rich as in the women’s, but no less necessary.

  • The documents.
  • Keys.
  • Business card holder.
  • Purse.
  • Tablet.
  • Papers.
  • Books.
  • Cords and headphones.
  • Charging device.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Glasses in a case.
  • Camera.
  • Weapon.
  • Sportswear, towels, shoes.
  • Flask with your favorite drink.
  • Condoms.
  • Interchangeable socks.
  • Disposable toothbrush and paste.
  • Sponge, napkins for shoes.

No. 3 – Material of manufacture

What material does the strict half of humanity prefer:

  • Bologna, fabric from Italy, waterproof.
  • Polyester, an artificial fabric that has to be washed more frequently due to poor breathability
  • Nylon, great for sports bags and backpacks
  • Cotton, the material is quite durable, suitable for sewing bags for various purposes
  • Alcantara or faux suede.
  • Suede, for capricious fashionistas, requires the constant carrying of special cleaning products, brushes and an eraser.
  • Pressed leather, naturally better than leatherette, but loses to natural
  • Artificial leather or leatherette, production technologies have stepped so far that many can no longer notice the difference with the present.
  • Genuine leather is an expensive, wear-resistant material that adds status to the owner and is beneficial due to ease of care.

How deep is the knowledge of women about the strict and orderly world of men? Is it possible to get closer to understanding the nature of the future chosen one by observing his usual things? Backpacks or men’s shoulder bags will tell a lot of interesting things about their owner.

No. 4 – Characteristics

Backpacks on the shoulders are preferred by guys who are young at heart, open to communication. Their hands are free for bouquets of flowers and hugs of their passion. And thoughts flow easily, like streams of a mountain stream. With such a man you will not be bored, he will bring bags of provisions, and give you a ride on a scooter if necessary.


  • Messenger bags, over the shoulder, usually belong to romantic natures, a kind of free artists. You should not expect the deeds of a great warrior from them, but you will be able to dream in the cozy atmosphere of a blazing fireplace like with no one else.
  • Purses find serious strong-willed owners. Male leaders who know exactly what they want and what they strive for. They rarely show romanticism, but they stand firmly on their feet. And despite the bag in one hand, they tenaciously hold the chosen one of their life in the second.
  • Bags-tablets will tell about a freedom-loving person, a minimalist who does not waste money on trifles. Freedom in everything, casual style of clothing, convenience in relationships.

No. 5 – Variety

So after all, what types of men’s bags exist today, what will please the shelves of stores of representatives of a strong position.

  • Briefcase, combination with good quality suit, for management representatives, researchers, teachers, etc.
  • Messenger bag, almost a briefcase, but with a long handle on the shoulder, like a postman. Suitable for both casual wear and business style.
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  • Tote-bag, simple type, for everything. Equipped with a long handle a la: for shopping, but sometimes it is convenient for folders with documentation.
  • A tablet, ideal for A-4 papers, is one of the most common accessories on the streets of our cities. Closes with a zipper, fits almost any style of clothing, comfortable and concise.
  • A purse, a familiar thing that could sound like a burset, given the rules of the French language, still remains on the crest of the wave, as a rule, among older men who remember the hot 90s well.
  • Camera-bag or purse sister with a long shoulder harness. For the same functions: keys, notepad, money, documents inside.
  • Travel bag, any material, but as strong as possible. Designed for business trips and voluminous enough to accommodate the maximum usefulness away from home.
  • Diplomat or case. A kind of safe with combination locks. For especially valuable securities and important information.
  • A laptop bag holds the TOP positions among working youth and representatives of complex IT professions.


  1. Backpack. How without it? Students, athletes, tourists – no one can do without such a super-convenient accessory. Everything fits in it: from small things to a warm bedspread, from a tourist tent to a teenage child, if suddenly parental happiness gets tired on a hike.
  2. Belt bag, small and compact. Usually used by cyclists, trade workers, in general, people whose hands should be freed as much as possible.
  3. The clutch bag, as it turned out, is now not only a women’s thing. Men also tend to love convenience, beauty and comfort.


#6 – Remarkable fact

Every year since 2001, the UK celebrates National Bag Day on October 4th. The charity fair sends 10% of all profits from handbags sold to a fund to help people suffering from cancer.

No. 7 – Fact cinematic

Since in translation from English Bag is a bag, it is understandable why the characters in the works of J. Tolkien “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” received such a sonorous surname. Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins were jokingly referred to as Baggins and Sumkins during the dubbing of the film adaptation of the same name.

No. 8 – Historical

The first mention of the bag has come down to our days from ancient Greek myths. A magical bag that changes in size was presented by beautiful nymphs to the hero Perseus before the battle with the terrible Gorgon Medusa. Subsequently, the severed head of the monster was hidden in it, retaining the gift of petrification of all living things with one glance.

The first bags were sewn by men and only for them, an undeniable fact. On a long journey or on an important business meeting, on a hike or at a party with friends, just such a necessary bag will help out every person. Stylish, practical, original, sometimes even shocking, nevertheless, such familiar and favorite items. After all, looking at your reflection in the windows of a big city is nice if you look sexy and attractive. You will not surprise anyone with bulging pockets, and the opinion of others will be ambiguous.


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