trussardi toilet water

Naturalness, dynamism, simplicity — these three words can describe the style of the fashion house, which has been pleasing girls for over 100 years with its unique models of clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and, of course, fragrances. Trussardi Women’s Eau de Toilette is becoming the choice of many bright, purposeful and modern women.

Eau de toilette Trussardi Donna

Eau de toilette for women Trussardi Donna in the original version offered us to plunge into a delicate floral aroma and feel like a truly strong, self-confident woman who never rests on her laurels, and chooses sports as an ideal rest for herself. In 2011, the perfume was re-released, its fragrance was enhanced, it became persistent and more oriental. Such toilet water will be enough for you for a long time, since you just need to sprinkle yourself a couple of times, and you will feel the unique aroma of Donna perfume on your skin all day long:

  • Top notes: yuzu, lemon, fruit absolute;
  • middle notes: lotus, jasmine, orange blossom;
  • base notes: vanilla, patchouli, virginia cedar, sandalwood.

toilet water trussardi1

Eau de toilette Trussardi My Name

The name speaks for itself. The fragrance will become your real calling card. Launched in 2013, this perfume carries the character of Italy and Italian women. It was inspired by the street style of the country’s capital, Milan. The brand addresses this fragrance to elegant girls and women, and for true elegance it doesn’t matter how old you are — 25 or 45, the main thing is an innate sense of taste and proportion:

  • top notes: heliotrope, white violet;
  • middle notes: musk, lilac notes;
  • base notes: dry amber, vanilla.

toilet water trussardi2

Eau de toilette Trussardi Skin

All Trussardi fragrances are a kind of celebration of the delights of life in Italy, and Skin is no exception. This minty warm perfume reminds of relaxing on the beach, soft, sun-warmed sand and blue, warm caressing the sea. It reveals itself unusually upon contact with the skin, giving a charge of energy and vivacity:

  • top notes: apple, violet leaves, pink pepper;
  • middle notes: lily of the valley, rose, jasmine;
  • base notes: moss, rosewood, patchouli, cedar.

trussardi eau de toilette

Eau de toilette Trussardi Inside

It is also an oriental floral fragrance. Inside is a kind of rethinking of the fashionable classics and traditions of the Trussardi house. Perhaps that is why its bottle is decorated with noble leather:

  • top notes: bergamot, pink pepper, passion flower, neroli;
  • middle notes: coffee, freesia, heliotrope;
  • base notes: teak wood, musk, amber.

toilet water trussardi4