tights with cats

What fashionista does not strive to stand out from the rest and emphasize her originality every day? And everyone does this in their own way: someone with the help of bright images, someone is creative with a haircut or make-up, and someone adds a touch of childish naivety and fun to a completely ordinary everyday look. And the last option, as practice shows, is always successful and win-win. The best way to complete the look with the above qualities is to decorate it with stylish accessories. And one of the most popular such solutions today is tights with cats.

Tights for girls

Kototema has not lost popularity in women’s fashion for many seasons in a row. But if earlier the image of a graceful and mysterious animal was more manifested in elegance, independence and grace, now it is important to use cat prints as a positive note. Thus, the most fashionable images of cats on pantyhose are anime and cartoon characters, drawings of lazy and fat animals, as well as funny and funny kittens. Let’s see which accessories are the most popular?

Tights with cat print. The most common are models with a pattern of cats throughout the product. But such tights are considered simple and less interesting.

Tights with cats on the knees. The original solution will be minimalism in the chosen theme. Fashionable tights with a laconic image of cats have become accessories with muzzles or silhouettes on the knees — the area where the pattern will be visible in most cases.

Stockings with cats. Models with imitation stockings are considered the most feminine and original. These tights come in sheer or translucent designs from the top to the knee area. The rest of the product is usually non-translucent. But the main element of such tights is the border above the knees in the form of the head or the silhouette of the whole animal, as well as in the form of a cat’s muzzle.

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