swag glasses

Once the word «swag» was only a slang analogue of «cool», used in the suburbs of America, but now this term denotes a whole subcultural movement. In principle, this movement itself considers “cool” taste in clothes, accessories, music and even in behavior and lifestyle to be its main ideals. So, in essence, the meaning of the word “swag” has somehow remained the same, since now it continues to mean “coolness”, which has simply become more mainstream. Since swaggers pay quite a lot of attention to their looks, accessories play an important role in them, because every fashionista knows that it is a well-chosen accessory that can add a “zest” to an image. For example, the role of this “highlight” can be played by swag-style glasses, which are distinguished by a bright and expressive design and, of course, the same “coolness” without which a swag is not a swag. Let’s take a closer look at what swag glasses are, and what kind of image they are most suitable for.

Pixel black swag glasses

First of all, it is impossible not to mention glasses, which appeared not so long ago thanks to memes on the Internet. These are pixel glasses. In their form, they resemble a pixel image. They can be both in a frame that repeats the pixel shape, and without it. The first option is still more stylish, but the second one is closer to the same pixelated image of glasses on pictures on the net. These swag sunglasses are the ultimate example of this style.

In fact, such glasses are quite difficult to fit into the image due to their originality. But if you like bold experiments in clothes, then pixel glasses will become an indispensable thing in your image, since it is simply impossible not to pay attention to them.

Swag glasses

But since glasses in general are perhaps the most important attribute of a swag style look, there are less original models among them, which are much more suitable for everyday wear. Most often, swaggers wear Ray Ban glasses. Most often, the phrase “swag glasses” refers to various types of wayfarers. Glasses of this form in general have long become classics, and they always remain fashionable. It is the Ray Ban brand that makes a lot of glasses of this shape, so the choice is quite large and you can always find exactly those wayfarers that you like. But aviators, which are also classic glasses that are out of any fashion trends, can also be perfect for a swag look.