Sunglasses of famous brands are always and at all times in great demand not only among celebrities, but also among ordinary girls. Any fashionista has a couple of stylish branded glasses in her arsenal.

Top Sunglasses Brands

We have prepared a small list for you — the ten most famous brands of sunglasses:

  1. Prada — a brand that is widely known for its corporate identity, high quality and is very popular with Hollywood stars. Thanks to this, he got to first place in the ranking of the best brands.
  2. Armani — the style of «rich and famous», as it is also called. Armani glasses are mainly made in a classic style, but they differ in the original lens fastening and interesting frame colors.
  3. Fendi is a global brand that always offers very stylish sunglasses suitable for active people.
  4. Ray Ban — the glasses of this famous brand are mainly of a classic style, although in the 2015 season, models of a more modern look appeared.
  5. DKNY glasses that combine comfort and style at the same time, making them always a fashionable accessory.
  6. Cartier — glasses of an elongated classical shape — a feature of this particular brand. Initially, Cartier was engaged in ordinary glasses, and over time it began to manufacture sunglasses.
  7. Dior — Points that are also in the top ten. They are always feminine, with a wide range of options and styles.
  8. Chanel — a brand that specializes in elegant, classic models. Some of them are even made in the old style. These points are held in high esteem by Hollywood stars.
  9. Gucci — a very famous brand among fashionistas around the world, it won its popularity for its unique style.
  10. Dolce & Gabbana — closes the list of 10s. Very stylish design and amazing quality. Dolce Gabbana is always included in the TOP ratings of the most famous brands.