Square sunglasses will become a favorite accessory for women who prefer a classic style of clothing. However, such a model is also suitable for outrageous lovers, since square-shaped sunglasses can look both strict and defiant. It all depends on what color solution you choose for your glasses.

Who should wear square sunglasses?

There are several basic rules that will help you make your choice:

  1. Women’s square sunglasses are perfect for a round face shape. A very good solution would be options in a bright colored frame. However, avoid too large models that hide the cheekbones. Because such glasses will make your face even more round.
  2. But for women and girls with an elongated face shape, XXL glasses are the best fit. Square-shaped sunglasses will make your face look smaller and neater.
  3. And, accordingly, square or rectangular frames are contraindicated for owners of a pointed face shape. Such models will make your face even more angular.

Women’s square sunglasses

Today, the following options are most popular:

  1. For those who prefer to completely hide their eyes from strangers, square mirrored glasses are suitable.
  2. For those who appreciate quality and comfort, we can recommend square glasses from Ray Ban. This company has been a leader in the sunglasses market for many years, which is why every season it releases new models, among which square-shaped glasses are increasingly appearing.
  3. Glasses with tint at the top of the lenses will look very interesting. Such options will look best in a large frame.

So, if you are the owner of a round or elongated face shape and prefer a classic style, feel free to go to the store to buy square-shaped sunglasses.