Summer promises to be hot and not only for the sun’s rays, but also for fashion news. So, dark glasses are now at the peak of popularity. They add mystery, mystery to the female image and at the same time ideally protect from bright light.

What are they, fashionable dark sunglasses?

This bright accent of any look will be able to play the role of a great addition to any outfit. Especially when it comes to the now popular round sunglasses. This is the style of Ozzy Osbourne and the protagonist of J. Rowling’s books, Harry Potter. So, at Fashion Weeks, many famous fashion houses demonstrated their passion for this form: Prabal Gurung, Tracy Reese, Karen Walker. Moreover, there were models with a contrasting bright frame, which could not help but add charm to the image of a modern fashionista.

If we talk about the frame, then it should be mentioned that this season, when choosing glasses with dark glasses, both with diopters and without them, you should pay attention to the frame of this accessory. So, at the peak of popularity, the classic horn and plastic frames, made in a futuristic style. True, the Juicy Couture house decided to set the tone for the current fashion trends and presented glasses with the thinnest metal frame to the attention of the public.

Particularly popular this season are products with mirrored glass. They are full of spring-summer collections. So, if earlier these glasses were popular in the 20s, 70s, then the glory returns to them.

Dark glasses and face shape

In order not to spoil your image with fashionable things, unsuccessfully combining, picking up one or another element of the wardrobe, accessory, you should carefully consider your image. So, only those girls in round sunglasses will look great who have a pretty round face like Charlotte Church, Christina Richie or Drew Barrymore.

Beauties with the same oval face shape as Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts and Courteney Cox are advised to look at absolutely any glasses. What can not be said about fashionistas with a heart-shaped shape (Naomi Campbell, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon). They fit dark rounded glasses.

If you have a pear-shaped face like Jennifer Aniston, you should pay attention to the wide frame. And for a square shape (Keira Knightley), «aviators» and glasses with rounded edges are ideal. And, finally, for women with a diamond shape (Sophie Loren, Cher and Lisa Kudrow), glasses with square and oval frames are created.