sunglasses for drivers

The sun’s rays can be a big hindrance when driving, especially if they shine directly into the windshield. To solve this problem, special sunglasses for drivers were invented.

How to choose sunglasses for drivers?

The choice of sunglasses for the driver begins with the selection of the material from which the lenses are made. There are two of them: plastic and glass. Glass lenses are categorically not recommended when driving, as the car is an object of increased injury risk, and when hit, the glass breaks into many small fragments that can cause serious damage to the eyes.

The next step is to choose the shape of the glasses. It can be any comfortable for you, but the glasses should leave a good view, their frame should not cover the visibility of the side mirrors, and the model itself should sit tight enough, not rolling, but not pressing on the head. How you choose the right sunglasses for drivers will largely be the key to your safety.

Sunglasses for drivers must be anti-reflective, that is, extinguish the reflected light from the asphalt, headlights of oncoming cars or windshields and mirrors. Moreover, it is better that such glasses be transparent from below, which would facilitate the visibility of devices in the car.

Sunglasses lens colors for drivers

An important role in choosing glasses is played by the color of the lenses. It is he who affects color perception, does not allow the eyes to get very tired, and allows you to wear glasses in different weather. Women’s glasses for the driver do not differ in their characteristics from men’s, the difference can only be in design. Goggles with gray, brown or green lenses are best suited for driving. These colors do not irritate the eyes, do not distort the proportions and correctly convey the colors of the traffic light. In glasses with lenses of this color, you can safely go even on a long journey. But if you expect that you will have to be on the road at night, during rain or fog, then it is better to choose glasses in red or yellow. As a universal alternative, you can offer anti-headlight glasses or special sun glasses for drivers, which can be used with ordinary transparent glasses designed for driving.