Straw hats, baseball caps, panamas, visors, a summer headband – thanks to headwear, a sunny image can be improved every day, turned into something new and unforgettable. Particular attention should be paid to the bandages. After all, the fashion of the last century is returning again. Once again, colorful pin-up headwear and elegant headbands decorated with floral decorations are at the peak of popularity.

Women’s summer headbands – brand overview

  1. ASOS. Every fashionista knows that the products of this brand are not only of excellent quality, but also created according to the latest fashion trends. With their new collection, the British label showcased headbands in delicate flowers and a cheerful hippie style to the world.
  2. Johnny Loves Rosie. What is the value of one brand name? Romanticism, youthful mood, lightness. For the summer, it is just right to purchase a headband, which will give the image more charm, femininity and, of course, elegance.
  3. new look. Each model is the personification of the creations of fashion shows. Even if you want to dress in street style, the summer headbands of this brand will always come in handy, because there are decorations made of fabric, as well as beads. It is they who will add a “zest”, a certain feature to the look.

Summer hairstyles with a bandage

So, let’s start with the most practical and convenient beam. This hairstyle will become number 1 for a hot summer. Today, bouffants are in fashion, so you can first create the effect of voluminous hair and only then put on a bandage. It is worth noting that this hairstyle will appeal to those who are crazy about the fashion of the 60s.

A traditional braid will immediately look stylish if you complement it with an elegant headband. Here you can apply all your skills of weaving breathtaking braids. Moreover, an ordinary Russian-style hairstyle will look no less attractive if you complement it with a silk bandage.

Do not bypass the option of loose curls. They can be both straight and wound with the effect of stylish waves. This look is more suitable for evening wear. True, in this case it is important to choose the appropriate color range of the bandage.

How to tie a bandage on your head in summer?

If bright and at the same time stylish satin neck scarves are lying around in the closet, then it’s time to give them a second chance, breathe life into them. So, the main rules of their fashionable wearing are as follows:

  • the accessory is located above the forehead;
  • the bangs can be both tucked under the bandage and laid on its side;
  • fold the scarf diagonally, turning it into a strip;
  • if wrapped around the head and left the ends of the bandage over the hair, we get the image of a hippie.