sport bibs

Sport is now considered an integral part of an active lifestyle. Thanks to him, our health is strengthened, we become cheerful and energetic. Our figure becomes perfect, the mood is on top and we are in harmony with ourselves. For full-fledged sports activities, we offer a large selection of sportswear. Today we will talk about sports shirts.

Women’s sports shirts

Sports shirts are a type of specialized clothing designed for various trainings in game team sports. These are football, volleyball, basketball, biathlon and others. As a rule, sports training bibs are very bright in color and are part of the uniform, which makes it easy to distinguish teams during training. Also in competitions, all athletes are always assigned a number. For these purposes, a special shirt-front is very convenient. It is made from lightweight fabric with a number applied by various methods: sublimation printing, thermal printing, silk-screen printing, thermal transfer and embroidery.

Sports shirts from well-known brands (Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Nike) emphasize the status and taste of their owner. They have a loose silhouette to move freely and comfortably, do not rub or jump, usually have inconspicuous seams. The quality of the material meets the strict standards of the most modern and high technologies: it passes air well, removes moisture, thereby maintaining a comfortable microclimate of the body. The material is always durable, does not stretch or wrinkle, is easy to wash and dries quickly, does not fade from the bright sun. sport bibs1
The fit is comfortable and always stylish.

Women’s sports shirts are comfortable clothing for sports and leisure. To create a bright sporty female image, branded shirt-fronts also take into account the anatomical structure of the body. Despite the loose silhouette of the shirt-fronts, they sit perfectly on the figure. After all, a woman is perfect, and even doing sports, she strives to look stylish and attractive.

The neck collar is designed for reliable and comfortable protection of the neck and chest during sports training in the cold season. Natural materials are used for the production of shirt-fronts: fleece, cotton, etc. Designers use both one-piece tailoring and include comfortable clasps. For example, Velcro is very convenient and securely fix the product on your neck. The edges are processed with elastic stretch tape. A sports bib around the neck is an impeccable and comfortable accessory for sports training and outdoor activities.