snood with english rubber band

English knit snood is not just a very beautiful and practical thing. This is a multifunctional accessory that can be not only a scarf, but also a headdress. At the same time, in any form, it gives the outfit a trendiness, because this element of the wardrobe is always popular.

The history of the scarf-snood with an English rubber band

Interestingly, the progenitor of this snood was a trumpet hat, which many fashionistas wore in the 80s. By the way, this kind of scarves first appeared on the catwalks in the collections of Missoni and Burberry.

Now, designers still continue to create new models, sometimes experimental and extraordinary. This accessory can be worn all year round, and there are no restrictions regarding the color scheme, and therefore it is useful if there are several models of snood with English elastic in the wardrobe, which can be worn with a coat, and with a jacket, and with a raincoat.

Varieties of a scarf-snood

It is worth mentioning that, since now we are talking about English gum, there are four main knitting techniques: French, simple, classic and magnificent. All of them allow you to get a completely different appearance of the product. So, the French makes the snood voluminous, and thanks to the use of simple techniques, we get patterns of unimaginable beauty.

With what to wear snood with an English rubber band?

As mentioned earlier, this accessory can be worn with any outerwear. The main thing is not to forget about the harmonious color combination. So, for example, we put on gray, coffee snood for a coat of chocolate and beige. Lemon, white and cream.

If today you have a black total look, then we select a bright scarf. In the case when today you really want to title your image lady in red, then it is better to choose gray snood for outerwear in the color of passion. It will also be successfully combined with a jacket or coat in mint and pale pink.

As for the rest of the clothes, the snood is so practical that it will look great with boyfriend jeans and classic formal trousers. True, do not forget that the best option is when the scarf is in harmony with a bag or shoes.

By the way, if the snood is not very large knit, in order to give the image more elegance, stylists recommend decorating it with a small brooch.

Do not forget that the color of this accessory is able to hide facial imperfections. True, the reverse side of the coin is that an incorrectly selected model can focus on problem areas of the face. This is also worth considering.