snood with braids

One of the most common wardrobe items now is snood. In the winter season, at the peak of popularity is such an option as snood with braids.

Snood scarf with braids

Snood with braids is represented by different models, which differ depending on their length and width, as well as on the patterns made on them. Scarves can be:

  • universal — they have a length of about 65–70 cm;
  • as long as possible — 1.5–2 m, with their help you can create spectacular draperies;
  • short — the length of which is less than 60 cm.

In width, products of 35–40 cm are considered the most optimal.

Depending on the specified parameters, snoods find the appropriate application when creating an image:

  • short scarves are ideal as hoods;
  • wide scarves of medium length will harmoniously look like a cape, if pulled over the shoulders in an appropriate way;
  • a snood of great length is suitable for making a vest out of it.

How to create a stylish look with a snood with braids?

When choosing a wardrobe that will be combined with a snood scarf with braids, it is recommended to take into account certain points, namely:

  • it is better to choose outerwear without a collar, with a stand-up collar or with a small collar;
  • the shade of the scarf is better to choose not only taking into account the wardrobe items, but also the color of the eyes, hair, skin. So, a black snood will add age, burgundy or pink will unfavorably emphasize a flushed face. Therefore, such tones are best avoided. For bright things, it is better to choose a scarf of a neutral color, and vice versa;
  • snood with voluminous braids should be combined with clothes according to the figure. In no case should these be loose down jackets, since they already give the figure additional volume;
  • as a hood, a snood with a scythe along the edge will look very good. This finish will be a good addition to the image;
  • snood with voluminous braids is ideal for ladies with lush hips. It can be worn as a collar or cape. It will help to adjust the proportions;
  • a coat should be chosen without a voluminous collar. It is better if it does not exist at all or it will be a stand-up collar. A good option for such outerwear is a snood with braids around the edges;
  • Snood braids in two turns will look spectacular with a jacket in a sporty style.