snood pipe

A snood pipe is perhaps one of the most necessary accessories that will not only protect you from cold winds and frosts, but also help you update your look, making it more harmonious.

Snood is the same scarf, but it does not have two ends. This is a kind of ring that can be tied around the neck in one, two, or even more turns. Interestingly, this element of the wardrobe was at the peak of popularity in the 80s and is gaining popularity again on the fashion Olympus.

How to wear a snood-tube scarf?

A scarf-pipe, a snood, a collar – as soon as this accessory is not called, which, moreover, can be worn like a hood, simply thrown over the head. If the product is made of mohair, warm yarn, then such a hat will help not only look stylish, but also keep you warm during a walk.

It is worth noting that it can be worn not only in winter or autumn, but also in the summer. True, under a light dress, T-shirt or shirt, a snood pipe made of thick yarn will not fit at all. A knitted, cotton, chiffon or silk scarf will be appropriate here. An openwork collar crocheted with a hook looks especially feminine.

Returning to winter fashion, I would like to note that fur snoods, which are popular this season, look very stylish. They are harmoniously combined with coats, leather vests, leather jackets and fur coats. With such an accessory, the image will instantly become elegant, feminine and luxurious. In addition, this option is suitable for those who are afraid of the cold.

Snood-pipe can be worn as a stole – just throw it over your shoulders. And, if you fold it several times, then from a scarf it turns into a turban. Just throw it around your neck and you already have a bright accessory that will help divert the attention of the public from your problem areas.

The versatility of such beauty does not end there. So, it is enough to throw the upper part of the snood around the neck, leaving the lower part behind the back, stick your hands in there and, voila, we get a warm bolero. If necessary, we fix the scarf in front with a small brooch. True, a bolero will work only if we are dealing with a wide scarf.

When creating your outfit, it is important not to forget about the right color scheme for the snood. The following are recognized as trendy this season: bright red, taupe, emerald, cedar, clay, lilac, mustard, steel, blue and blue. But when choosing a snood, it is important not to forget about your own color type, which suits this or that color.