snood in one turn

Many prefer a snood over a scarf, primarily because it looks much more original and unusual. In addition, thanks to such loop scarves, you can warm up well by wrapping them around your neck several times. And, if we talk about a snood in one turn, then such beauty can be worn even in autumn, early spring. It will not only warm you on cold evenings, but also help to update the image, bring novelty to it, some zest.

How to wear a chic snood in one turn?

It is important to note that even scarves that do not need to be wrapped around the neck ten times are different. So, a snood in one turn can be created from knitwear, wool, acrylic and much more. Thanks to this, it will be a great addition to any outerwear: a fur coat, a coat, a parka, a leather jacket, and even a bomber jacket.

And not many people know that this accessory can easily serve as a headdress that can be worn in warm weather or frosty winter – again, it all depends on the material. As for the latter, for cold weather it is better to purchase a snood made of dense yarn, or even fur. But when the thermometer is above +5, then we take out a cotton scarf from the closet.

In windy weather, we turn the snood into a hat, twisting it in such a way that the edges of the product fit snugly against the face. If you are afraid that it can fly off your head at the slightest breath of wind, then for greater reliability, fasten it with a decorative brooch.

It is especially popular to wear a 1-turn snood with a down jacket. From a classic accessory, it can instantly turn into a rather sporty attribute. If your scarf is decorated with voluminous braids or some other embossed knit, then stylists recommend dropping it on your shoulders. From the side, it will resemble a very stylish collar. If the down jacket has a hood, then it is better to tuck the snood inside the jacket – and you will be warm and the image will look harmonious.

With an elegant fur coat, it is better to wear a fur scarf in pastel shades or classic black and white colors. But this does not mean that it is forbidden to wear bright snoods – it all depends on your color type and mood.

But the duet of such a scarf and a coat can be safely called the personification of inexhaustible femininity. In this outfit, you can walk to work, and to the institute, and to the movies with friends. The main thing is not to forget to take with you a great mood and a radiant smile.