snood hood

The snood hood is a great fashion accessory that combines a scarf and a hat. Such a snood is perfect for girls who care about their hairstyles at any time of the year, ladies who do not like to wear hats, fashionistas who always strive to look stylish and relevant.

Snood hood on the head – what is the reason for its popularity?

This accessory has at least three huge advantages over other headgear:

  1. The snood hood is a very functional thing that replaces several accessories. This piece of clothing leaves no chance for cold and wind.
  2. The snood hood is very comfortable. He, unlike a scarf, does not have ends that are untied, interfere. It wins over a hat in that it does not leave marks on the skin, does not irritate it, and allows you to keep your hair styled. The snood hood can be put on before going outside and removed before entering the room or in the car, public transport.
  3. Snood is a universal thing, it can be combined with various styles – from romantic-elegant to casual casual.
  4. By the way, the name “snood” was born in the 8th century, as the hairnet was called. At present, a similar thing has been preserved among Muslims and Jews – women completely cover their hair with a dense cloth.

In its modern form, snoods appeared in the 60s of the 20th century. Initially, they were considered one of the hippies’ favorite accessories. In the 80s, trumpet scarves came into the fashion world, and a couple of years ago, girls were able to appreciate hooded snoods.

With what and how to wear a snood with a hood?

In order to choose your style of wearing the accessory, you just need to spend a little time in front of the mirror and try to put the voluminous thing beautifully and neatly not only on the head, but also on the neck.

A snood scarf with a hood is perfect for different types of outerwear – it can be worn with down jackets, parkas, sports quilted jackets and even fur coats. Moreover, it goes very well with the latter. The accessory is not suitable only for things with their own hood or with a collar that is too voluminous.

Before you purchase a product, you need to think about what color clothes you will wear snood with. And you can create a harmonious image using additional details – leather or textile gloves, knitted mittens, as well as wide and narrow belts, various bags. With a snood-hood, the cold season will be warm and stylish!