Small women's wallets - 36 photos of the most beautiful mini wallets for every taste

Modern women of fashion are so practical and scrupulous in their decisions in choosing a wardrobe and accessories that bulky and voluminous details gradually fade into the background, giving way to neat and compact ideas. Especially this choice concerns additions and small helpers. Small women’s wallets have become one of the relevant such gizmos.

Fashionable small wallets

Small accessories are attractive not only for their neat appearance, but also for a number of significant advantages. This addition will fit in any bag. In the warm period, when voluminous outerwear gives way to light outfits, and roomy bags give way to laconic reticules, a women’s mini-purse is more relevant than ever. Such an attribute can be put in a clutch or even in a pocket. Given the small amount, girls need to think in advance of the amount of money they need for the day, which also acts as a privilege, as an exception to unforeseen expenses. Let’s see the most fashionable solutions:

  1. Small women’s wallets on the button. One of the most popular are folding models. In this design, the actual fastener is a button that firmly holds the product closed and guarantees the safety of money and small things.
  2. trendy small wallets

  3. Vintage small women’s wallets. Vintage-style products are considered feminine and stylish. Such accessories are presented, as a rule, from dense textiles, complemented by lace frills, or leather perforated with openwork patterns.
  4. mini wallet

  5. Small women’s printed wallets. In the latest fashion collections, designers have emphasized the popularity of products with drawings and abstractions. The trend is floral print, geometry, the theme of cats and other animals, a newspaper.
  6. small wallet

  7. original form. If you want to emphasize your originality and non-standard style, pay attention to the design in the form of a heart, lips, in the shape of a head of funny animals.
  8. women's mini wallet

Small leather wallet

Leather products are considered the most practical and versatile. Stylists recommend giving preference to natural materials. However, on the modern market there are also stylish models from high-quality substitutes that will help save the budget. Small women’s leather wallets look stylish not only in a laconic sleek design. Specimens with embossed patterns under the skin of reptiles are especially chic. The lacquered solution will become an accent of luxury and sophistication. And the romantic style of its owner will emphasize the option with perforation.

small leather wallet

Small wallet with zipper

A convenient choice, especially for frequent use, is a model with a zipper. Such a simple fitting is very easy to unfasten and fasten. Often the zipper is presented in a monotonous design or combined with a button, for example, in folding accessories. Such a clasp can also act as a stylish finish. Women’s small wallet with a zipper in a contrasting color looks very impressive. Designers complement the clasp with beautiful pendants and key rings. For a concise business style, a hidden zipper will be relevant.

small zip wallet

Small purse

Recently, the combination of two accessories in one is considered an actual solution. In cases of choosing an addition for money, this design is presented in the form of a small handbag. This attribute will perfectly complement the casual look of a romantic or sophisticated evening bows. Models with an original form or with catchy decor have become especially popular. These include a women’s hand-held mini-purse bag, which is complemented by a loop or a short handle. Small bags can also be shoulder bags. In this case, a chain instead of a strap would be an appropriate solution.

small bag purse

Small Clasp Wallet

Models with the so-called “kiss” remain a trend that does not go out of fashion. The clasp is a metal double frame, which is practical to attach to a textile, suede or soft leather base. Dark copper-colored fittings will stylishly fit into the design in retro style. The option of a light shade under shiny silver or gold looks elegant and expensive. Such a women’s small wallet often has one compartment. However, in folding products, the clasp complements the coin compartment.

small clasp wallet

How to choose a small wallet

The choice of even such a miniature accessory should be approached carefully. Stylists recommend choosing a design that is as similar as possible to the main bag. It is also important to consider your everyday style. Fashion collections distinguish business, glamorous, romantic and casual products. A beautiful little wallet can also tell about the character. For example, models with a laconic design without decoration will indicate restraint and accuracy. The option with a complex clasp and original additions will emphasize your originality. But the main selection criteria are the following:

  1. Purpose. It is very important to understand why you need an accessory. If you’re only using bills and change, go for a flat design that doesn’t wrinkle money. To store bank cards at the same time, choose a more spacious option with compartments.
  2. Price. The price of the product is also important. If you do not have a budget, stop at a minimalist style without decor, but the material must be of high quality.
  3. Appearance. Do not exclude such a detail as a beautiful and attractive design. After all, the appearance of the product speaks of your individual style and preferences, which can help, for example, your young man to choose a gift for you.

how to choose a small walletnice little wallet

Purse for a small handbag

If in everyday looks you prefer a small handbag, then in this case you should choose a certain accessory for money. It is clear that a large model will not fit here, since at best it will take up all the space, or even not fit at all. The smallest flat-shaped wallets for women are considered the current choice. However, in this case, it is worth excluding coins. But such a decision is a plus — it’s time to get a piggy bank. Another convenient choice would be a round-shaped textile product. Do not choose the option with a large clasp or keychain.

purse for small handbag

Small card wallet

If you have a lot of bank or other plastic cards in stock, then the best solution would be to get a separate accessory for them. Women’s mini card wallet is called a business card holder. The difference in this version is the book design with many flip-over compartments made of plastic or silicone. If you use several cards and business cards, then you do not need a special attribute. In this case, it is worth choosing a model with additional pockets for cards.

small card wallet

Small coin purse

Often there are so many coins that one simply cannot do without a separate accessory for them. In this case, a textile bag with a zipper, ties or buttons will be a good purchase. Women’s very small wallet differs not only in its miniature size, but also in one compartment inside. Here the bill will fit only unless folded several times. Products for coins are also presented from suede, soft leather and even silicone. The small size of such specimens will help to keep coins in one place, even in a mini purse.

small coin purse

Brand mini wallets

Compact accessories are presented in the collections of many well-known manufacturers of women’s bags. Branded models are in greater demand than factory ones, since each brand is responsible for the quality and individual style of its own production, which directly affects the company’s reputation. In the vastness of the world market, there are countless branded products, the most fashionable of which are the following:

  1. Prada. Products of this brand will delight fashionistas who are looking for a universal solution. The laconic design will suit both a strict and restrained style, as well as romantic feminine trends.
  2. branded mini wallets

  3. Chanel. The women’s small black wallet from the French brand has become a favorite of many girls thanks to its sophisticated classic design. However, in the Chanel collections you can also find stylish color solutions.
  4. small black wallet

  5. Hermes. The collections of this brand are considered the most diverse, aimed mainly at an audience of business women. Strict compact models are presented both in bright colors and discreet universal colors.
  6. leather mini wallet

Small Purse Furla

The Furla brand, which has become a classic today, offers in its collections not only accessories for money, but also stylish bags, gloves, belts and other elegant accessories. The main material used by designers is genuine leather. Leather products are also considered the hallmark of the brand. The women’s mini wallet made of leather is presented in folding models, in the version with one compartment for coins and in the functional solution with many pockets. Therefore, in the line of stylish small accessories, every fashionista will be able to find a design that is successful for herself.

furla small wallet

Small wallets Michael Kors

Compact models of the American brand have become a popular choice for young people. However, business ladies and aged fashionistas will find a good option for themselves in stylish collections. Designers offer small folding accessories and a zipper idea. Popular solutions are gold and silver colors, which are ideal for young girls, classic shades in a simple style and pastel monochrome tones that emphasize a touch of romance. Small compact women’s wallets are complemented by shiny letters — the brand’s logo.

Michael Kors small wallets

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