Shoulder bag - the most stylish models of the new season

Accessories are integral attributes of a confident and stylish look. However, the modern style of active fashionistas requires not only the conformity of design to the latest trends, but also functionality. A shoulder bag is a practical choice that perfectly combines beauty and comfort, allowing you to free your hands and create a successful and fashionable look.

Fashion shoulder bags 2017

In the new collections, cross-body style models are presented with a variety of choices for every taste and budget. This line of accessories is not only distinguished by rich color schemes, interesting fabrics and original finishes, but has significantly expanded the criteria for determining the style itself. Thin and wide straps, roomy and concise form are in fashion. Stylish products can be worn not only on the side, but also on the hip, on the chest and even on the back. And the most fashionable women’s shoulder bags 2017 are represented by such ideas:

  1. Shoulder bag. Models look more feminine and elegant, where a metal chain is offered instead of a leather or textile handle. This element can be in the color of the product or in a standard shade of gold, silver.
  2. fashion shoulder bags 2017

  3. Boho style. One of the most common and unusual are products in ethnic style. Here, the main feature is not so much spaciousness and functionality as the finish characteristic of the boho direction – bright print colors, fringe, asymmetric shape, and so on.
  4. fashion women's shoulder bags 2017

  5. Suede and textiles. Leather models have always been considered the most practical and popular. However, this year, designers have focused on the popularity of light and neat accessories made of cotton, suede, velvet, silk and more.
  6. summer shoulder bags

  7. Chest models. An original choice that will definitely emphasize your individuality will be a model on a small strap that places the accessory in the neckline. Such products, as a rule, do not differ in capacity, but are ideal for documents, keys, a mobile phone and other small things.
  8. fashion women's shoulder bags

Women’s shoulder bag

This season, a lot of attention is paid to the choice of colors for additions. The place of the win-win shades of the classic range was taken by the warm colors of bitter chocolate and natures. Any prints are in fashion, both with drawings and abstractions. Summer shoulder bags are distinguished by bright and contrasting colors. Demi-season and winter models are more restrained in color. The relevance of the latest trends also determines the finish. The most fashionable shoulder bags are distinguished by the following design:

  1. Dark monochrome colors. Models of saturated shades are considered a very popular choice – eggplant, emerald, sapphire, marsala and others. Such solutions look especially beautiful in products made of shiny fabrics.
  2. women's shoulder bag

  3. Bag on the “kiss” over the shoulder. This season, the retro clasp is back in fashion. “Kiss” complements not only small clutches and wallets for going out, but also roomy everyday accessories.
  4. fashion shoulder bags

  5. unusual shape. The best way to emphasize your originality and originality of style is to choose a product with an attractive and unusual design. Additions in the form of lips, hearts, skulls remain fashionable trends. Products in the form of a package with milk, ice cream and other sweets look interesting.
  6. shoulder bags for youth

  7. Embroidery. Colorful drawings and abstractions with satin stitch remain stylish decor. Embroidery in the new collections is also found on leather products in a simple and concise version of the stitching.
  8. fashion women's shoulder bags

Small shoulder bags

For several seasons, mini models have been considered a relevant universal addition both for going out and for every day. These handy helpers not only help you carry the most necessary items with you, but also act as a stylish element in your look. Women’s mini shoulder bags are presented in a wide variety of forms. The most popular for every day are round and rectangular products. Miniature wallets on a thin strap or chain have become a fashion trend in evening fashion. Designers make such accessories from patent leather, velvet, textiles trimmed with rhinestones and sequins.

small shoulder bagswomen's mini shoulder bags

Large shoulder bags

Roomy accessories are more functional. A women’s large shoulder bag is suitable for girls whose lifestyle obliges them to spend a lot of time on their feet. The convenience of such products is especially evident during shopping, long walks and trips. When choosing a large accessory, it is important to consider height so that the addition does not turn from a practical assistant into an uncomfortable burden. Soft forms are considered fashionable – hobo, bag, boho. Such a choice is best combined with a casual wardrobe. Flat tablets, a briefcase, a tote are suitable for business women of fashion.

large shoulder bagswomen's shoulder bag

shoulder bag

The distinctive characteristics of such models are a soft shape with a solid base and a lace closure that tightens the accessory at the top and forms attractive folds at the edges. Modern youth shoulder bags are made of suede, textiles, with plastic, silicone and metal finishes. The bag is also suitable for an older lady. In this case, the actual solution would be the option of leather in a plain discreet color. A baggy shape of a small size can stylishly complement an elegant bow if the design is made in an ensemble with rhinestones, sequins, and stones.

shoulder bag

Sports shoulder bag

If you are in the gym, fitness or a specific sport, then the long-handled option will be an ideal purchase, comfortable for carrying a heavy attribute. In this case, the actual solution would be a capacious model of an oblong volumetric shape of a rectangle. Women’s sports bag over the shoulder can be small. This option is suitable for trainers or for everyday urban bows. Sports accessories are made of durable raincoat fabric, which is moisture resistant and reliable even under very heavy loads.

shoulder bag

Shoulder bag

The standard length of the shoulder bag strap is the waist area. However, the latest fashion collections have presented models with a very long handle. This addition places the accessory in the thigh area. In this case, large sizes are not relevant. Accuracy and conciseness are important. And a stylish choice is a women’s leather shoulder bag in the style of a saddle bag. This option is represented by a rounded shape at the bottom and sufficient capacity even for a large wallet. A long handle is also found in the design of flat small items – an envelope, a clutch.

shoulder bagwomen's leather shoulder bag

Shoulder bag

Undoubtedly, sophisticated elegant products are considered the most relevant in modern fashion. Therefore, a thin handle became preferable. But, according to stylists, a wide strap is not only more practical, but also an excellent solution to focus directly on the accessory. Fashionable design is presented from a variety of materials – it can be a leather shoulder bag, and textile or suede products, and all kinds of combinations of materials. But an important point in the design on a wide belt is its small length, maximum to the waist, and an ideal chest option.

leather shoulder bagshoulder bag

Branded shoulder bags

Convenient shoulder bag accessories are also presented in the fashion collections of many well-known brands around the world. Given that modern style insists on a combination of functionality and beauty, leading brands do not neglect this trend, embodying it in quality products and exclusive models:

  1. Chanel Mini Shoulder Bag. The elegance and sophistication of products from the French fashion house has not lost popularity for several years in a row. The original design of quilted leather and a long chain handle is versatile for both going out and every day.
  2. brand shoulder bags

  3. A touch of charm from Dolce & Gabbana. The collections of the Italian brand always have their own style. Graceful small accessories of a clear geometric shape attract with stylish colors and interesting decorations.
  4. mini shoulder bag

  5. Prada individual style. This brand introduced high-quality and comfortable everyday products made of genuine leather. Prada crossbody is popular both on a thin chain and on a wide belt. And double models with a small wallet in the kit remain a fashion trend.
  6. fashion shoulder bags

  7. Louis Vuitton Exclusive. With an assistant from this brand, you will not only emphasize your confidence and refined taste, but also the originality of your choice. It is difficult to find two identical models in Louis Vuitton collections.
  8. fashion shoulder bags 2017

Shoulder bag Michael Kors

The American brand offers women’s shoulder bags, which perfectly combine conciseness and femininity. This attribute will perfectly emphasize the elegance of the image. Therefore, stylists recommend wearing a Michael Kors shoulder bag with a strict wardrobe – a sheath dress, a business suit, with a classic coat. The branded accessory is represented by several models – in the form of a trapezoid, a flat clutch with a soft square shape and a saddle bag. Either option has an adjustable strap. Therefore, a stylish attribute can be worn both as a cross-body, and in the hand, and on the shoulder.

shoulder bag michael korsMichael Kors shoulder bag

Shoulder bag DKNY

The American fashion designer never ceases to please his fans with stylish additions, in the collections of which you can find both a business option, and a daily convenient attribute, and an evening model. Fashionable women’s shoulder bags from DKNY are also presented in a sporty style. Brand designers use only high-quality nylon, leather or suede. The metal logo on each product adds grace and appeal. A variety of colors will help you find an option for a specific situation.

DKNY shoulder bagfashion women's shoulder bags

Furla Shoulder Bag

Given the narrow specialization of the popular Italian brand only in women’s accessories, its products are especially distinguished by high quality materials and fine workmanship. In the collections of shoulder bag models, the most attractive is the women’s youth bag over the shoulder. Bright monochrome colors will help complement a contrasting bow or dilute a discreet monochromatic look. Furla’s designers settled on neat mini square and rectangular shapes, complementing the design with a wide metal clasp and a thin long handle.

shoulder bag for womenFurla shoulder bag