Shopper - a stylish women's bag for urban fashionistas

The bag remains an integral element of any female image, which performs not only a practical, but often decorative function. Recently, for active everyday wear, fashionistas prefer capacious volumetric models. And a stylish shopper is considered a fashion trend.

What does a shopper look like?

The main feature of this type of accessories is a capacious volumetric shape. In this case, the cut can be both streamlined, for example, oval, and geometric — rectangular, square, trapezoidal. Another distinctive detail is the lack of a clasp. This solution helps to quickly put or, on the contrary, get the right thing out of the bag. And if in products made of dense materials there may be one button, then the fabric shopper is always presented without fittings. Such an accessory is distinguished by short wide handles and often an outer pocket.

what does a shopper look like

Shopping bag 2019

In the latest collections, designers have presented a very diverse selection of stylish and original accessories. Fashion designers have experimented a lot with materials, colors and additions. At fashion shows, stylists emphasized the relevance of products decorated with stones and rhinestones, embroidery, appliqués, which helps to complement not only everyday looks, but also an informal look for going out. However, in any case, it is important to consider the bulky shape so as not to overload the appearance. But let’s see the most popular models of 2019:

  1. Bright colors. The fashion trend of this season are models of catchy and saturated shades. And such a choice is especially successful in the cold, as a way to dilute a closed onion. And in this case, a shopper bag made of genuine leather will be relevant.

shopping bag 2019

  1. Unusual pens. To emphasize their originality and originality, designers offer to pay attention to products with non-standard additions. The most popular are models with round and wooden handles.

stylish shopper

  1. Knitted. Yarn products are another popular choice. Fashion accessories are presented in the collections of both winter and hot seasons. Designers use yarn of different composition and original knitting techniques.

shopper 2019

fashion shoppers

Such stylish and very practical bags have a number of unconditional advantages over models of other shapes and sizes. The main advantage is the capacity. However, this feature is also capable of spoiling the appearance. For example, it is better for fashionistas of a fragile and petite physique to exclude such an element so as not to look cluttered and tired. The fashion accessory took its name from its direct purpose — for shopping, replacing ugly plastic bags. Let’s see the most popular products:

  1. Combined. An accessory made of a combination of materials of different textures, such as leather and suede, looks very stylish and impressive. Combined colors are also in trend, especially gradient transitions.

fashion shoppers

  1. Wicker. An original purchase will be an interesting bag made of elastic plastic or straw. Unusual baskets will become not only a reliable assistant, but also a stylish addition to any look.

women's shopping bag

  1. Suede. If your main style is romantic, then a suede bag is a good choice for you. Soft pleasant material looks especially beautiful in rich deep colors.

female shopper

  1. Denim. If you like a canvas shopper bag, then one of the most practical for everyday wear is to choose a piece made of thick denim. Patchwork models look unusual and attractive.

fabric shopper bag

Fabric shopping bag

Recently, models made of textile materials have become increasingly popular. This decision is due to the budget price, which allows you to often change or purchase several different products at the same time. The most popular women’s fabric shopper bag is made of cotton. And in this case, designers use both plain and printed canvas. Linen, denim, velvet, silk and other accessories are in trend. Designers also offer unusual variations of a combination of fabrics of different textures. Combined ideas are often complemented by contrasting colors.

fabric shopper bag

Knitted yarn shopper

In the collections of knitted products, knitwear models have become the most relevant. This thread is dense and elastic. This combination of features holds its shape well and is able to increase in size depending on the load. Women’s shopper can be both plain and multi-colored. Ideas from melange threads and the use of two or three shades in one color palette for an ombre transition are considered especially popular. A stylish addition is often textured knitted patterns — braids, aran, plaits and other options.

knitted yarn shopper

Leather shopping bag

This option is considered a universal solution for an image in any style. Designers insist on purchasing products made of genuine leather, but on the modern market there are also models made from high-quality substitutes that win in price. A leather shopper can be a simple addition. In this case, the design of matte material is relevant. If you want to focus on the bag, pay attention to products with lacquered sheen, embossed patterns under the skin of reptiles, perforation. Leather is often used for combo bags as well.

leather shopping bag

Transparent shopper

A novelty of the latest collections are bags with the effect of invisibility. Such accessories are presented from dense transparent silicone. The main advantage of this choice is versatility. A simple, but at the same time very unusual design will perfectly complement a strict business bow or an unusual casual look. If your combinations correspond to the romantic style, designers suggest opting for colored transparent models. In addition, the transparent shopper 2019 is perfect for rainy and wet weather.

transparent shopper

Large shopping bag

The fashion trend of the last few seasons is the oversized style. And this direction is relevant not only in the design of clothes, but also in accessories. Bulky and bulky products can become a catchy and attractive accent, combining practicality, reliability, and functionality at the same time. One of the most stylish solutions is a canvas shopper bag. However, this option is only suitable for everyday casual or sports bows. For more rigorous combinations, models made of leather, suede or combined fabrics of different textures will be an actual choice.

large shopper bag

Eco shopper

Recently, goods made from materials that favorably affect the state of nature have become an actual choice. In the collections of roomy bulk bags, products made of eco-leather and natural fabrics — linen, cotton, jute and others are considered popular. In the modern market, such accessories are presented both from the factory and well-known brands. The fabric shopper has a simple yet unique design. This is an ordinary rectangular bag with medium loop handles, complemented by a characteristic print or photo printing with natural colors.


Printed shopper

Bright printed colors have always been in demand more than plain solutions. Interesting drawings and abstractions not only attract attention, but also emphasize the individuality and originality of the fashionista. Large accessories with prints can become the main detail or a catchy accent in the bow. If you choose a universal option for every day, then a white or black shopper bag will suit you. For summer and bright images, stylists offer multi-colored and contrasting colors. Flowers, geometry, leopard, portraits, children’s theme are considered fashionable prints.

printed shopper

shopper mesh

Initially, the shopping bag looked like an elastic mesh, where both solid products and bottles, as well as soft things, were perfectly packed. In modern fashion, this design has returned to trends again, but is represented by more advanced options. A stylish shopper can be found in the collections of leather products. Here the perforation is made with a very large motif. Often the inside is lined, sometimes transparent. In the trend and textile models, knitted ideas. Such accessories are very outwardly reminiscent of string bags, popular during the Soviet era.

shopper mesh

Shopper with pockets

Pockets often act as an actual addition to large roomy bags. Such a finish performs not only a decorative, but also a practical function. However, designers skillfully combine functionality and attractiveness, offering ideas with overhead, unusual shapes and contrasting colors of pockets. Products of universal shades, for example, a black shopper, perfectly decorate cuts with a bright print. Patchwork denim models are considered a fashionable choice, where pockets are made of denser or, on the contrary, lighter material a shade lighter or darker.

shopper with pockets

Shopper with short handles

As a rule, the standard design involves medium length handles. This option can be worn both on the wrist and shoulder. However, in the latest collections, designers have introduced a separate line of models for hand-wearing. Here, the straps are short and often made of stiffer materials that hold a clear shape. Especially in this solution, oversized accessories look interesting. The trend of this season is a white shopper with wooden semicircular handles. Monochromatic universal solutions that can be combined with any clothes and shoes are also in trend.

shopper with short handles

Shopper bag with slogan

Another fashionable choice was letter print models. And this season, products not with an abstract pattern in the form of a chaotic placement of letters of different sizes, shapes and colors, but with specific inscriptions, are considered more and more popular. In this design, a canvas shopper and products made from eco-materials are relevant. You can choose an option with a small phrase of two or three words. Designers also offer options with long semantic sentences. The trend is humorous themes, quotes from great philosophers. Such an accessory can be made to order by adding an inscription that characterizes your style.

slogan shopper bag

What to wear with a shopper?

Such a capacious accessory is not picky in choosing clothes and shoes. However, stylists are increasingly insisting on combinations in everyday style. Certain models look great with feminine romantic dresses and skirts, classic pantsuits and even sport chic. In addition, a variety of accessories can be added directly to the bag — a bright scarf, a fluffy keychain or a pendant with rhinestones, which will emphasize femininity and sophistication in the image. But let’s see the most popular ensembles:

  1. Casual looks. Jeans, comfy T-shirts, sweatshirts and other street-style clothing look a win-win with a bag of any design. However, the cotton shopper is considered especially relevant. To complete, sneakers or sneakers, platform shoes are suitable.

what to wear with a shopper

  1. romantic ensembles. If you include such a voluminous accessory in feminine sophisticated romantic ensembles, it is better to stay on models made of leather, patent leather or suede products. A fashionable solution will be dresses and skirts with an asymmetric cut and oversized style.

genuine leather shopping bag

  1. Beach bows. Volumetric roomy bags or textiles will perfectly replace a beach bag. And if you pick up an accessory with a nautical print, then this option will harmoniously fit into any look for a seaside holiday.

stylish shopper

  1. Strict style. Shoppers are also suitable for business bows. In this case, strict trouser suits or combinations of classic pants, a pencil skirt or a sheath dress and a white shirt will be relevant. The bag should be chosen in the collections of leather products.

black shopper