button scarf

The first autumn colds force us to warm up and get suitable clothes from the closets. And since an attractive appearance plays an important role for modern women, regardless of the temperature and weather outside, stylish accessories for cold weather come to the fore. A scarf, shirt-front, snood and many other devices allow you to protect your neck and chest from the wind and complete the look. In this article, we propose to discuss an interesting option – a button-down scarf.

Knitted scarf with buttons

A button-down scarf, handmade or custom-made, can make your look exclusive and unique, but you can also look attractive with the option from the store. Let’s look at the most interesting models of this accessory:

  1. Scarf collar with buttons. This model can be tight-fitting and voluminous, combined with the color of the rest of the clothing or contrasted with it. If you decide to wear a button-down scarf with a knitted sweater or jacket, then the type of knitting must match, otherwise the image will turn out to be ridiculous.
  2. Short scarf with buttons. This model is usually the most practical. It is easy to fasten and unfasten. Due to its small size, it can be of almost any color and play the role of a bright accent in a casual look.
  3. Long scarf with buttons. This model can be worn in many ways. As a rule, it is equipped with not one, but several buttons, which makes it versatile and suitable for complementing almost any outfit.
  4. Elegant scarf with buttons. It can be a satin or silk scarf, which fastens with a beautiful brooch button. It can be left on indoors, but it is important to carefully choose the color so that this accessory looks beautiful and harmonious with the rest of the clothes.