scarf shirtfront

It is no secret that it is almost impossible to meet a person who does not like comfort and warmth. The accessories that provide them include a scarf for women. But how could it be otherwise, if it is very practical and comfortable, warm and stylish with him. Keeping your neck and shoulders warm during the cold season, this knitted scarf will elegantly complete any look and add personality to adults and children alike.

Fashion scarf shirtfront

Over the years, knitted shirt-fronts have radically changed their style. They complement the image of fashionistas either in the form of a scarf, or a shirt-front in the form of a voluminous scarf-collar. The practicality and comfort of these products captivate at first sight: they will never untie, elegantly and evenly fall on your neck without spending much time on modeling.

The shirt-front scarf confidently entered and established itself in the wardrobe of a fashionable woman in the 50s. We owe this event to Christian Dior, it was he who supplemented and completed the images of coat models in his fashion collections with this accessory.

Usually, in winter, we wear sweaters and scarves for warmth, but if you have a fur coat or a very warm coat, then a scarf-collar-shirt shirt is a good solution for this case. Its minimalism will complement your image very organically and neatly.

Round scarves with buttons are very individual and practical. Thanks to the correct selection of buttons, in addition to their direct purpose, they will serve as an original decoration for your product, and will additionally be able to adjust the fit of the shirtfront to your neck.

Much attention should be paid to the material of the shirtfront, because they will be in contact with the delicate skin of your neck. Here, preferably, a combination of natural threads with artificial ones. Natural materials include: ordinary wool, cashmere, mohair, angora. For artificial materials – acrylic, viscose, polyester.