scarf plaid

A scarf is one of the most popular and relevant accessories in the cold season. After all, this element not only performs a functional role, but also acts as a stylish addition to the image. Today, designers offer a large selection of beautiful and original models. And one of the most comfortable, extraordinary and amazing inventions of fashion designers was a scarf-plaid. Such an accessory is represented by a wide, slightly elongated canvas that covers not only the neck, but also half of the torso. A popular coloring of such models is a checkered print, which perfectly matches the name. But also designers offer contrasting combinations and patterns suitable for demi-season and winter bows.

How to wear a plaid scarf?

A plaid scarf will always be an expressive and attractive element in the image. But still, such a product does not always fit harmoniously into everyday bow. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to tie a plaid scarf in order to be in trend and not look bulky.

A very feminine and unusual scarf-plaid looks like a cozy poncho. In this case, you also need an accessory such as an elegant belt or belt. The voluminous canvas should be thrown over the shoulders so as to close the back below the shoulder blades, and bring the long ends forward. The accessory tacked with a belt will not slip or fly off, and will subtly accentuate the waist and keep you warm on a cool autumn day.

Another stylish way to wear a plaid scarf is to drape it loosely over your shoulders, wrapping your arms completely. Such a casual accessory will stylishly distinguish you from the rest and emphasize your unusual taste and personality.

If you are interested in how to wear a plaid scarf with a coat, then the classic choice is the best solution in this case. Wrap your neck with a massive collar-type accessory, and your look will be stylish, practical and will not hide a fashionable outerwear item.