Satchel bag - 66 photos of the most fashionable handbags for all occasions

Initially, the bag was invented by the French, who used it as a travel suitcase. An accessory was made from parts of a carpet and was a medium-sized bag with short handles. The product gained popularity due to its low cost and practicality.

Satchel bag 2018

Over time, cheap material was replaced with genuine leather, and although only wealthy people could afford such bags, handbags remained in the women’s fashion industry, gradually decreasing in size. A modern girl should be ready for any unexpected meeting and for different situations. For such purposes, a women’s bag-bag is perfect, which can fit everything that is useful to her, how to calm a child or help a friend.

In 2018, designers released collections of handbags with two opposing trends:

  • strict classic black models remain popular;
  • non-standard forms of accessories with bright patterns, made of smooth leather, leather substitutes, textiles, reptile skin, with a variety of decor (rivets, straps, zippers, pockets, and so on).

handbag 2018

Satchel bag 2018

women's handbag 2018handbag 2018

Fashion bag-satchel

A bag-bag is preferred not only by women, but also by men. Due to the demand for this accessory, designers release many new models every season. A fashionable women’s handbag is very popular with business ladies, because they have a lot of things that you always need to have with you: stationery, a tablet, a laptop, folders with documents and more. Stylish and fashionable today is when the bag repeats the print on the clothes. In 2018, a women’s handbag bag is in trend:

  • all shades of brown;
  • in winter, designers recommend wearing a fur bag;
  • in summer, bags of bright colors are relevant — yellow, red, pink and others;
  • classic models in dark leather. It can be black, dark green, dark gray and others.

fashion bag bag

Fashion bag-satchel

fashionable women's handbagfashionable women's bag

Leather handbags

For girls who can afford to choose a more expensive option, a leather bag bag is suitable. Such an accessory will look expensive and elegant. It can be called universal. The disadvantage of the product is the expensive price, so many refuse to buy such an accessory. A favorite among fashion designers is a women’s handbag, the leather of which is natural and of good workmanship.

leather handbags

Leather handbags

women's leather bagleather bags

Lacquered handbag

The lacquered bag will appeal to girls who prefer vintage style. This model of the product is original and will bring a bright touch to the image. A variety of colors will allow you to choose the shade of the accessory that will suit your outfit. The demand for lacquer accessories has grown in 2018, women’s handbags are experiencing a new birth. Actual colors of models this season:

  • black, universal shade, suitable for almost any style;
  • white, combined with a summer wardrobe, even suitable for sneakers;
  • beige, perfectly harmonizes with shoes of the same color;
  • red, will add a touch of luxury to the image;
  • blue, belongs to the noble shades and will replace the boring black color. The advantage is that the blue bag is combined with different colors — black, white, brown, red, beige and others;
  • metallic shades, perfectly complement the evening dress;
  • floral print, suitable only for plain clothes, there should be no patterns on things.

patent leather bag

Lacquered handbag

lacquer bagblue handbag

Satchel bag made of knitted yarn

Knitted accessories and clothing are gaining popularity. One of the fashion trends is a stylish bag made of knitted yarn. Girls who know how to knit can create a product with their own hands to their taste. The accessory can be made from the same color of yarn or different shades. Decorative elements on the bag will add originality to it. It can be:

  • large or medium buttons;
  • wooden handles;
  • metal fasteners;
  • pendants.

bag bag made of knitted yarn

Satchel bag made of knitted yarn

bag of knitted yarnstylish bag bag made of knitted yarn

Cloth Zippered Satchel Bag

Women like textile bags for their practicality and lightness. They go well with any outfit, come in different colors and models, are inexpensive. Light colors of products are in harmony with summer dresses. Bright shades are combined with beach sundresses and pareos. For the main luggage, a fabric tote bag with a thick textile zipper is better suited. Such products:

  • practical;
  • do not take up much space;
  • roomy;
  • weigh little;
  • are produced in practical colors: black, blue, gray and so on.

zipped canvas bag

Cloth Zippered Satchel Bag

fabric bag with zippertote bag

Travel bag for women

Oversized tote bags are ideal for travel. The material and design of such products are not inferior in variety to ordinary ladies’ accessories. The size of the bag is smaller than a regular suitcase, but much larger than a standard bag. One of the most popular models of travel accessories is the Gianni Conti bag made of genuine leather. The product consists of:

  • one compartment, closed with a mechanical lock with a key;
  • large section on the side with a zipper;
  • pockets on the back and front walls with zippers;
  • shoulder strap that is detachable.

women's travel bag

Travel bag for women

travel baggianni conti bag

Bags-satchel on wheels

Travel leather bags-bags are soft, but they also come with a hard bottom and on wheels. Many products have an additional handle for vertical transport, which makes it easier to place the accessory on trains. An excellent stylish solution for the whole family — bags and suitcases of the same color. With the help of the same print, it is easier to find each other in a huge crowd.

The wheels on the bag are the first thing you need to pay attention to. Their size matters a lot. A travel bag with large wheels will be easier to handle, and built-in bearings will eliminate unnecessary noise. The presence of a retractable handle on the accessory will help you easily move the bag with less strain on your hands. The ideal option is a metal handle, it does not creak and is not afraid of any weather conditions.

handbags on wheels

Bags-satchel on wheels

travel bag bag on wheels bag on wheels

Women’s handbag — what to wear?

Fashionable women’s handbags are combined with many styles of clothing. Bags are worn in the hand or on the elbow. Business style suits this accessory more than others. A classic trouser suit or a pencil skirt with a light blouse will create an excellent tandem with a bag in dark shades. Models of a bag of bright colors are in harmony with festive or cocktail dresses. Accessories with different prints are suitable for jeans and a T-shirt. There is one important rule — shoes and a bag should be combined with each other in shades.

What to wear with a bag-bag made of ribbon and knitted yarn:

  • the accessory should not merge in color with the clothes, you need to choose contrasting shades;
  • a product made of thin ribbon thread is in harmony with a light long skirt or dress, shoes or high-heeled sandals;
  • large tight-knit bags are combined with t-shirts, shorts, sneakers or sneakers.

women's handbag bag with what to wear

Fashionable bows with a bag-bag

what to wear with a bag women's bag with what to wear

Small bag

Carrying bags can be large or small in shape, with rounded or sharp edges. Their short handles are combined, due to which the product is worn in the hands. Some models have a detachable long strap. You can’t call a small travel bag, it is more appropriate for special occasions. This accessory is in perfect harmony with jeans and a shirt. A small handbag made of genuine leather is suitable for every day. It is convenient and comfortable in any weather. Lacquered small bag is combined with short skirts and light summer dresses.

small bag

Small bag

bag handbagsmall bag

Large bag-satchel

Overweight women should not choose a large bag, as it will visually add extra weight. This accessory is more suitable for thin girls. Some models can be carried on the shoulder due to the long handles, but the bag should not be heavy so as not to spoil the posture. An important detail when choosing a large bag is easy access to things, this will help the presence of pockets in it.

In the cold season, the parka is successfully combined with a large bag with short handles. For business people, a black women’s handbag is suitable. It holds business folders with documents, a laptop, phone, cosmetics, a folding umbrella, magazines and much more. A large lacquered bag will suit a classic dress to the middle of the knee or a trouser suit.

tote bag

Large bag-satchel

women's handbagbig bag