running gloves

The winter season is absolutely no reason to stop playing outdoor sports. Of course, it is worth considering changes in weather conditions. But in order for your workouts to bring only benefit and pleasure, it is important to take care of a practical wardrobe. Today, many popular brands offer lightweight and at the same time protective clothing for winter runs. Products allow you to feel comfortable and easy during exercise, but at the same time regulate the temperature, preventing overheating or hypothermia. However, the choice of hats and gloves for running in the winter season remains equally important. Accessories are often the most important element. And today our article is devoted to the choice of gloves for running in winter.

An important condition when buying gloves for running is the presence of a thermoregulating element in the composition of the product. Thus, accessories with a high percentage of elastane became the best models. At the same time, gloves can also be supplemented with an upper waterproof layer made of raincoat fabric, which is important in rainy weather.

If your running jacket or sweatshirt does not have a drawstring on the sleeves, then you should choose gloves with an elastic cuff, which will allow the accessory to stay firmly and securely on the hand, and will also affect the comfort of the whole image. Often, such an element has a Velcro fastener that adjusts the cuff to the width of the arm.

Nike Running Gloves

Many well-known sports companies offer in their collections an accessory for a comfortable run in the winter season. Nike running gloves are considered the most popular branded models today. The models of this company are presented from high-quality synthetic material on a knitted basis. Also, Nike gloves are supplemented with a sensitive coating for sensors, which allows you to use the necessary gadget without removing the accessory.