running backpack

Running with a backpack on your back is becoming more and more popular every year. If it used to be strange to see runners with backpacks, now it is a normal phenomenon.

Such a run is directly related to power aerobics. Doing it, you get not only a cardio load, but also an excellent leg workout. Sand is usually used to make backpacks heavier, but in order not to get everything dirty, it should be placed in a bag, and only then put inside. Backpacks, as a rule, use medium sizes, they have additional attachments — chest and waist. And, importantly, they should fit very tightly to the back.

But not all people who run with backpacks make them heavier. Many people simply take a backpack so that they have somewhere to put personal things: keys, phone, water, etc.

Sports backpacks for running

Among the «runners» running backpacks from the Japanese company Asics are in great demand, which, by the way, is the official supplier of equipment for the Russian Wrestling Federation.

Backpacks of this brand fully meet the requirements that must be considered for long and difficult distances. Secure pockets make it possible to stock up on energy gels and bars, take water and other «needs» with you.

Any Asics backpack is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. The models differ from each other only in their design and the number of pockets. Some have two special pockets for water bottles, others have one. By the way, the bottles are immediately included.

Source running backpacks are no less popular. In addition to being of high quality and convenient, they also have a drinking system, the volume of which in most cases is three liters. It is very convenient during marathons. In order to drink water, you do not need to pull out the bottle to open it, you just need to pull out a special drinking hose.