round scarf

Today, a round scarf has many names — snood, collar, pipe. Also, this accessory has a variety of cut options. It can be an elongated oval, a laconic circle, an openwork asymmetric or twisted model. But in any case, the women’s round scarf is a fashion trend that has not lost popularity for several seasons in a row. Knitted products are considered the most popular today. However, designers also offer exquisite fur models, knitted and silk collars. The high popularity of such an accessory is due to the fact that such a choice will always add a touch of originality and originality to the image. Also, a one-piece scarf will make any everyday bow cozy, practical and comfortable. When choosing a round scarf, stylists recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most fashionable ways to wear it.

How to tie a round scarf?

Speaking of how to wear a round scarf, it is worth noting that such an accessory can be made from any, even a standard model. It is enough to tie the ends into a strong knot, throw the product around the neck and wrap it so many times until the scarf fits snugly. You can also make asymmetry by pulling one loop lower. You can experiment with wide scarves and scarves in style, leaving corners, elongated ends or making interesting knots. The finished round scarf, depending on the model, looks stylish as an accessory on the shoulders or a 2 in 1 model — a scarf and a hood.

A round scarf will stylishly complement the look with any item of outerwear — a raincoat, jacket, cardigan. But still, the combination of an accessory with an elegant coat is considered the most fashionable and popular ensemble today. In this case, the method of tying the collar depends on the style of the outerwear. The most relevant will be the choice with a narrow or swing collar. If you are interested in how to tie a round scarf on a round neck coat, then you should know that there should be no gaps in such an ensemble. But also try not to let the accessory go over outerwear. It is in the combination of a scarf and a round collar that the butt-to-butt look will be neat, elegant and original.