hat ripndip

A distinctive feature of all products released under the Ripndip brand is a mischievous cat that shows an obscene gesture when its personal space is violated. This meme, created by New York-based artist Jamie Lamperle, is very popular not only in the United States of America, but also in other countries.

What are Ripndip brand products?

Of course, Ripndip brand products refer exclusively to youth style. Usually, clothes and accessories of this brand are chosen by very young people, in particular, students of schools, gymnasiums and colleges. The Ripndip cap, which is universal, is extremely popular with the guys, since both girls and boys can wear it with equal success. Today this product is incredibly popular in the US and many European countries, especially among teenagers.

Features of the Ripndip hat

Ripndip’s women’s cat hat, which young guys love to wear, is a two-layer knitted product made in a fine knit. This accessory has the following features:

  • the hat is long enough, and in its lower part there is a wide lapel that allows you to wear the accessory in various ways;
  • the product is made of yarn of different colors – black, gray, burgundy and others;
  • its upper part can be rounded or slightly pointed, depending on the preferences of the fashionista who opted for this model;
  • although all hats are very discreet, they are distinguished by the only decorative element – a textile patch with the image of a cat, which in the vast majority of such accessories is hidden under the lapel.

The cat on the caps from Ripndip has a cute and cute face, however, with his paws he shows a well-known obscene gesture. At the same time, when the lapel of the accessory is raised, only the head of the animal appears on the surface, and if it is lowered, everyone around notices that the cat is showing the middle finger.

However, there are other models of such hats – on them the patch is located directly on the lapel, so it cannot be hidden from prying eyes.