Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses

A brand item is always an impeccable style and a certain status. And in the case of sunglasses, also the safety of your eyes. Only trusted brands can guarantee protection against harmful UV rays. Ray Ban Wayfarer eyewear has been the benchmark in its segment for over half a century. Their quality is beyond doubt. The only problem is that they are often copied, passing off an ordinary plastic trinket as a legendary original.

What do Rayban Wayfarer goggles look like?

The name of the model in translation from English means «wanderer» or «traveler». They were released in addition to the equally famous metal aviator-shaped glasses. The Ray Ban Wayfarers feature a plastic frame. The lenses are trapezoid. Perhaps this is all that can be said about their exceptional design. They are quite simple, however, like all ingenious.

They first appeared in 1952, blowing up the fashion world, accustomed to the fact that eyeglass frames are made of metal. Then they experienced several peaks of popularity, one of which falls on our time. It was at the beginning of the 21st century that Wayfarera sunglasses experienced a real renaissance. Many collections came out in different color options, as well as with a slightly modified frame shape in accordance with fashion trends, but classic models do not lose their relevance today.

Rayban Wayfarers were and are worn by many celebrities, including Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Audrey Hepburn, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and many others.

Real or fake?

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the following important points:

  1. True Wayfarers cannot cost less than 100 euros, and even if they are “from last year’s collection”, as an unscrupulous seller can convince you. Do not buy too low a price — in most cases this is a sign that what you have in front of you is nothing more than a fake.
  2. Rayban Wayfarer glasses are always sold complete with a small case made of genuine leather. Leatherette or plastic is a sure sign that this is another copy. Also in the kit should be a soft cloth for wiping the lenses, as well as a small information brochure. All this is always packed in a beautiful box with a company logo.
  3. All inscriptions on Ray Ben Wayfarer glasses must be clear and legible. The thickness and hue of all letters should not vary from element to element. The logo on the temples is usually printed on a special metal plate, which is attached with two rivets on top. Check the accuracy of the smallest details.
  4. The plastic temples of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses necessarily contain a metal wire that serves as a kind of frame, which provides a more reliable construction and extends the life of the item. If the plastic is dense, then it is worth looking through it at the light source — the rod should be visible. Due to it, the weight of the glasses also increases. If there is no metal core or the product is suspiciously light, it is counterfeit.
  5. The most reliable check is to look at the inside surface of the left glass. If Wayfarer’s glasses are real, then you can find a small engraving «RB» there. It is easy to find by touch, because it is slightly rough. Do not be lazy and be sure to swipe your finger over the place where it should be. This engraving is done in a mirror, so that it is well read from the outside. Copying it is quite difficult, few people can do it. By the presence or absence of this part, it is easiest to navigate when buying.