Ray-Ban aviator glasses

What brands do not just speculate, wanting to push the buyer to purchase their thing — they hang the label of «eternal classics», call the product unique and much more. In the end, many products turn out to be just empty shells, and advertising is a well-thought-out marketing ploy.

However, there are a number of worthy products, the fashion for which is not subject to time. These include Ray Ban aviators. What is the secret of the popularity of this model? Of course, this was facilitated by an interesting history that preceded the creation of glasses and an interesting teardrop shape that suits almost every type of face.

A bit of history: Rayban aviator glasses

The first aviators were produced by Bausch & Lomb. The success was so resounding that the creators registered a separate trade poppy in honor of the new model and called it Ray-Ban. The glasses were created at the request of the pilots, who, due to the nature of their profession, needed to protect their eyes from the blinding rays of the sun. A major role in the creation of aviators was played by pilot John McCready, who was prevented by sunlight from conquering a record height. The creators have provided aviator glasses with a number of useful properties:

  • large drop-shaped lenses of aviators perfectly protected from glare and rays;
  • durable and lightweight metal shackle protected glasses from breakage;
  • smoky green lenses blocked infrared and ultraviolet rays;
  • provided a clear image;
  • looked stylish with the uniform of the pilots.

Ray Ban aviator glasses cost much more than standard glasses — $ 4 versus the standard 25 cents. They were advertised as equipment for golfers, travelers and fishermen.

Cinema played a big role in popularizing glasses, turning them into a canon of the genre and an unconditional bestseller. This model was liked by Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Hunter Thompson, and the success of the film «Top Gun» with actor Tom Cruise in aviator glasses provoked a 35 percent increase in sales.

In the early forties, designers decided to cover the lenses of the glasses with a special coating that reflects everything around. Ray-Ban mirrored aviator glasses have become a favorite accessory for many fashionistas and perfectly emphasized the style. Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox are spotted wearing mirrored glasses.

Who are Rayban Aviator glasses for?

Aviators are quite functional and suit both male and female faces well. In addition, they add a little sharpness to the image and bring masculine notes. Ray Ben aviator glasses are suitable for any clothes, even if you make up your wardrobe according to the principle of the first clothes that come to hand. Stars combine glasses with casual style, military, romantic, glamorous and formal business.

If you want to match aviators to your face type, pay attention to the details.

  1. Square shape. Classic Rai Ban aviator glasses with rounded outer lenses will do. The smooth lines of the aviators will visually soften the sharp line of the forehead and jaw.
  2. Oval and heart-shaped. Aviators with narrow metal frames will make the chin a little wider and the face proportional. If your face is longish, choose models with decorative details.
  3. Round face. Classic aviator sunglasses are not very suitable for this type. Here you need to choose glasses with angular glasses. They visually narrow the face and make the oval clearer.

Those who want variety can experiment with the shape, frame and even the color of the glass. Classic green glass has now been replaced with black, dark purple, brown, blue and others. Many designers have provided aviators with durable frames, which are made from plastic and hypoallergenic materials: titanium, aluminum, grillamil, kevlar and nickel-free alloys. For decorative elements, wood, leather are used and various materials are combined.