Printed bags - 24 photos of the most fashionable models and what to wear them with?

Each girl thinks through her image to the smallest detail, paying special attention to the selection of accessories. Often, bags with a print are the subject of choice for young ladies, giving a stylish and original look to a fashionable look.

Printed bags 2018

In the 2018 season, bags with bright prints, embroidery or appliqués have become one of the main hits of popularity. Well-known models, show business stars and world celebrities everywhere appear with such products that emphasize their individual style. Particularly relevant this season are bags with a floral print 2018, which make the look incredibly feminine, sophisticated and romantic.

printed bags 2018

Printed leather bags

Products made of genuine leather in the vast majority of cases have a classic color shade and discreet stylistic performance, thanks to which they are perfectly combined with any wardrobe items. For this reason, bright “flashy” pictures on such products are not very common. Meanwhile, some stylists and designers successfully decorate their products with interesting and original images.

Women’s printed leather bags are presented in the 2018 collections from Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci and other brands. Preference this season is given to floral and floral motifs, funny pictures from cartoons or anime, simple and concise peas and multidirectional stripes. Most of the images are made in contrasting colors, so it draws attention to the owner of the accessory very much.

printed leather bags

Printed canvas bag

Simple printed canvas bags look very original, however, they are categorically not combined with classic-style clothes and business wardrobe items. With such products you can go shopping, for a walk or meeting with friends – they are surprisingly light, so they do not cause any discomfort while wearing. In addition, these printed textile bags are incredibly durable, thanks to which they are able to withstand impressive loads.

Canvas accessories can be decorated with a variety of images – funny pictures from comics or cartoons, all kinds of abstractions, flowers and plants. Pictures of animals, as well as logos of musical or sports bands, look good on such products.

printed canvas bag

Printed denim bags

Youth denim accessories are incredibly popular with young ladies, especially in the summer season. Various images look good on them – plants, animals, hearts, funny emoticons and much more. Romantic-minded girls will definitely like floral print denim bags, which give the image an incredible femininity and sophistication. In addition, printed models, additionally decorated with embroidery or appliqué, are very relevant this season.

printed denim bags

Fashion printed bags

Printed bags for women are very popular among the fair sex of different ages. They are able to bring a very special mood to the image, which cannot be achieved in any other way. Many patterns remain relevant for many years, while others, on the contrary, quickly lose their positions and fade into the background. However, among a wide variety of options, every woman can choose what she likes.

fashion bags with print

Leopard print bag

Women’s handbags with leopard print are a bright and catchy element of the image that will suit only the most daring and self-confident girls. When choosing such a thing, you need to understand that it always becomes the main element of a fashionable look, so its other components will have to be selected very carefully.

So, a catchy accessory looks best against the background of simple and concise things – knitted dresses, knitted pullovers, plain coats and so on. For example, women’s leopard print shoulder bags will perfectly fit into a simple casual look based on classic jeans, a T-shirt and a gray jacket.

leopard print bag

Bags with appliqué and print

In 2018, one of the main hits in the world of accessories was again printed bags, additionally decorated with appliqué. Such products look very interesting and bright, so they are chosen by those girls who do not want to go unnoticed. Thanks to the catchy stylistic execution, the printed and appliqué shoulder bags can only be worn during walks, friendly parties and informal outings.

appliqué print bags

Printed backpack bag

The printed backpack for women with an active lifestyle is an incredibly comfortable device that allows you to free your hands and maintain the correct posture. This product is ideal for young girls who are still in school or university, in which case heavy objects are often brought with them, which cause pronounced discomfort. Patterns and pictures on such accessories can be anything – flower-themed images, abstract motifs, symbolic logos, and so on are popular options.

print backpack bag

Bag with colorful print

Patterns on women’s accessories can be both almost imperceptible, and bright and catchy, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. The latter are preferred by those of the fair sex who like to be in the spotlight. Meanwhile, such products are classified as complex, since it is extremely difficult to find suitable wardrobe items and shoes for them.

So, for example, white bags with a print that contrasts sharply with the main surface will look good with summer dresses in one of the pastel shades, light blue jeans and a plain T-shirt or ultra-short shorts and a top in the same style. Images printed in black or red look best on such products – they are in perfect harmony with the background and make the accessory extraordinarily expressive.

colorful print bag

Animal print bags

Original bags with an animal print not only look very stylish, but also carry a certain meaning. So, for example, the image of a dog symbolizes loyalty and honesty, a bag with an owl print is associated with wisdom and an unusually high level of intelligence, and a cleft palate design indicates cunning and deceit, although in some cases it may also indicate courage.

Such products, like all other similar accessories, draw attention to their owner, so they should be worn only on special occasions. You should not overload the image with such bright accessories – one handbag with an animal image is enough to make the assembled picture look harmonious and expressive.

animal print bags

What to wear with a bag with a print?

For many women who like accessories with different pictures and patterns, the question arises of how to wear them correctly and what to combine them with. In fact, there are many ways to fit this product into a fashionable and stylish look, however, this must be done with care so as not to overload the look and not give the impression of a tasteless selection of things.

So, women’s bags with a floral print look great with plain feminine dresses in a romantic style. In this case, it will not be bad at all if the hem of the dress is decorated with a small number of miniature flowers, similar to those located on the handbag, however, there should not be many of them at all. A black floral print bag looks good with almost all wardrobe items – if desired, it can even be combined with business suits.

It is much more difficult to match all the components of the image to youth products with symbolic prints. It is best to combine these products with simple jeans, T-shirts or shirts, gothic dresses and masculine boots of all kinds. Knitted dresses in this case will also be quite appropriate, however, they should be as simple and concise as possible.

what to wear with a printed bagwomen's handbags with floral print