Pompom hat - what to wear and how to create stylish looks?

In a large selection of women’s hats, there are models that do not lose popularity and are relevant in any everyday look. One of these trends has become a stylish hat with a pompom. A variety of fabrics, finishes and colors will help every fashionista find a unique option in accordance with individual style.

Women’s hat with pompom

In modern fashion, attractive accessories, complemented by soft balls, are not only worn by funny kids. This design is universal for any type of appearance and age. Designers offer stylish products both for the off-season and for the winter. The main difference is the lining and the density of the material. The trend is bright and catchy hats that will become a stylish accent and help dilute the look in a dull season. Models with a combination of fabrics of different textures look interesting and unusual. But let’s see which fashion pom-pom hats are the most popular:

  1. Earflap hat with pompom. One of the most practical and reliable styles for extreme cold are Russian-style models, elongated on the sides. Here, a flirty addition is often placed at the ends of the “ears”, but in knitwear and knitwear it can also decorate the top of the head.
  2. women's hat with pompom

  3. With deer. One of the most popular trends in modern fashion has become accessories depicting a noble northern animal. Such models are presented from knitwear or factory knitting with jacquard or appliqué.
  4. fashion hats with pompons

  5. Sports models. For lovers of active winter recreation, the ideal choice would be the option of fleece or natural wool. Such products promote good air circulation and are able to remove moisture. A beautiful soft ball will become an attractive detail in the design.
  6. stylish hat with pompom

  7. Sock style. Another fashionable model in the last few seasons is an elongated cut with an elongated crown. The style of the sock, supplemented at the end with a contrasting or large accessory, will also become a stylish accent in the image, even in restrained and concise colors.
  8. gray hat with pompom

Knitted hat with pompom

One of the most popular today are knitted products. Such accessories are relevant both in winter and in a lighter version for autumn-spring. Demi-season models are made of cotton, cashmere, bamboo. For cold weather, warm yarn is relevant — wool, mohair, alpaca, angora. A knitted hat with a fur pompom has become a fashion trend. However, designers offer additions from threads. This option looks especially stylish from a combination of several colors of yarn. A textured pattern — braids, arana, shadow drawings — will also add originality to the design.

knitted hat with pompom

Hat with fur pompom

A fashionable finishing solution in the collections of recent seasons is a soft fur ball. Women’s hats with natural fur pom-poms are especially appreciated. The trend is accessories with a fluffy long pile of raccoon, arctic fox, fox, silver fox. However, faux fur is often used in the design of stylish headwear. Fur addition decorates fleece, knitwear and knitwear. In winter collections, voluminous fur earflaps with balls on the “ears” have become a fashionable trend. To make your choice attractive and original, pay attention to models of contrasting colors.

hat with fur pompom

Hat with two pom-poms

An interesting and original solution that will attract attention with its unusual design will be a headdress with two balls on the sides of the crown like ears. Such models look very cute and will add a touch of childhood and perkyness to the image. A hat with 2 pompoms is often made of yarn. For such products, jacquard patterns or a contrasting pattern in the form of animal faces are relevant. The double addition is also relevant for practical earflaps, sporty style. Designers decorate laconic tight-fitting beanies with two balls on a lace, which dangle from side to side in a sock.

hat with two pom-poms

Hat with large pom-pom

In modern fashion, hats with a large voluminous addition have become very popular. Designers offer such hats in a form-fitting beanie design, complemented by an accessory at the crown. A large ball will stylishly decorate an elongated toe. Women’s winter hats with a pompom in contrasting bright colors look especially attractive. However, the monochrome color solution is also relevant. In large sizes, both fur and textile additions are popular. When choosing such styles, it is worthwhile to correctly select clothes and other accessories, given the volume of the headgear.

hat with large pompom

Helmet with pompom

If you are looking for a practical and at the same time unusual option, you should pay attention to the helmet-shaped style, where the base tightly fits the head, and the elongated sides securely cover the ears. Such models are outwardly similar to earflaps, but their design is solid and presented from textiles. Winter models are additionally insulated with a fleece or flannelette lining. A hat-helmet with a fur pompom looks stylish and impressive. This style is often complemented by two balls on the sides. But the triple addition is also in fashion, still on top. A stylish choice would be a knitted headdress with jacquard or textured patterns.

hat hat with pompom

Hat with braids and pompom

Pigtails have become a stylish finish not only for knitwear, but also for knitted and fleece hats. In such models, braids act as an alternative to ties and laces. This detail can play a purely decorative role or simultaneously act as a clasp. Especially often this option is presented in handmade products. Accessories with braids will be an original element in everyday bow. Models of soothing colors are considered universal, for example, a gray hat with a pompom. To add brightness, opt for a multi-colored or printed version.

hat with braids and pompom

Hat with lapel and pompom

A good choice that suits any type of appearance are models with cuffs. The main advantage of such headgear is the double protection of the forehead and ears. Models with a lapel are relevant for winter sports and for everyday wear. A universal solution would be a classic color option — a black hat with a pompom, a white design, or a combination of two shades at the same time. In trend and bright solutions. If you prefer monochrome colors, you should choose the option with a fur ball. This idea looks attractive, especially in dark colors.

pom-pom lapel hat

Pompom hat — what to wear?

The opinion that hats with playful balls are an attribute of children’s wardrobe is no longer relevant. Such hats fit well into the everyday image of adult women. The main style of products is casual. However, given the popularity of mixing directions in one bow, they can be interestingly beaten with the help of strictly and romantic clothes. The unique feature of pompom accessories is the fact that they do not require additional details in the corresponding color. Let’s see which solutions are the most popular today:

  1. With overalls. In this case, the actual choice of headgear will be a sports accessory. For everyday wear, a fur earflap to match the clothes will stylishly fit with tight-fitting overalls with a belt.
  2. what to wear with pom pom hat

  3. With a fur coat. Knitted and knitted products with the addition of a large or medium size go well with natural or artificial short fur coats with a straight silhouette. And in this case, you can choose a hat to match the color of the clothes or in a contrasting color.
  4. stylish hat with pompom

  5. With a knitted sweater. During the off-season, a fashionable combination is considered to be an ensemble of a large-knit voluminous accessory or with a large addition and a loose sweater. In this case, an oversized or elongated cut will be a good style of clothing.
  6. knitted women's hats with pompon

  7. With oversized scarf. Accessory sets are very welcome, especially in bright colors, for example, a blue hat with a pompom and the same snood. However, a voluminous scarf may differ in design, which will add contrast and catchiness to the image.
  8. women's hat with pompom

Pompom hat with down jacket

Downy outerwear will be a universal choice for any style of headgear. But it is important to consider the volume and seasonality of accessories. Bulky models with a large addition are best worn with short down jackets, complementing the bow with tight leggings or tight jeans. Casual shoes — sneakers, lace-up boots, tractors — will successfully complete this look. Elongated down coats look stylish with tight-fitting and concise hats. A helmet, a winter hat with a pompom and braids, a variant with two balls are also suitable for such clothes.

pom-pom hat with down jacket

Pompom hat with coat

Choosing a strictly element of a warm wardrobe is considered the case when you can experiment with a combined style in an image. A stylish solution would be a coat style with a moderate straight cut. An accessory with a large soft ball on top or earflaps is suitable here. A win-win choice would be a short coat with a straight or fitted cut. In combination with strict outerwear, combinations of cold and warm colors are welcome. A fashionable example would be a pink pom-pom hat and a brown down jacket or coat. You can complete the look with both classic shoes and casual ones.

pom pom hat with coat

Pompom hat with parka

Another win-win solution in choosing outerwear was a parka jacket. With this style, any model of headgear is combined. However, knitted women’s hats with a pompon remain the most popular. Having opted for an image with a park, it is important to consider that its style will be casual. Any experiments are excluded here. Therefore, shoes and accessories must be appropriate. Sneakers, lace-up boots, ugg boots and moon rovers will become a fashionable completion. Don’t forget to add a voluminous scarf or snood. And in choosing a bag, it is better to stay on a backpack or a roomy hobo.

pompom hat with parka