what is polarized sunglasses

When the bright rays of the sun do not allow you to fully enjoy the surrounding beauty, blinding your eyes, you should put on appropriate protection for them. In this case, what could be better than polarized sunglasses, which will do a great job of reducing the brightness of reflected light?

Do you need polarized sunglasses?

Do you have to squint from the glare on the water, snow and other things? Everything would be fine, but this does not allow the eyes to rest, creates tension, which can subsequently cause impaired vision. Polarized lenses will help to cope with the problem that thousands, if not millions of people face every day.

Polarized sunglasses for drivers will be a lifesaver. With this accessory, you won’t have to squint at the bright headlights of oncoming cars on a dark night. Moreover, it allows you to drive without problems in foggy weather, as well as at dusk.

From a medical point of view, polarized sunglasses are what will help prevent glaucoma, eye fatigue and brain fatigue. In addition, this effect will not only protect your eyesight, but also help you be more attentive both while driving and while walking.

what is polarized sunglasses

How to choose the right polarized sunglasses?

Before buying such glasses, it is important to check them:

  1. First of all, the polarizing filter should be checked by matching two pairs of glasses lens to lens. So, one pair needs to be rotated 90 degrees relative to the second. The polarizing accessory will have a dark gap, which is not the case with the usual one.
  2. Look through the glasses at the liquid crystal surface (monitor, mobile). Also rotate them 90 degrees. If the polarization is of high quality, then the image will darken.