simple ribbed tights

Despite the intensive development of modern technologies in the fashion world, offering alternative solutions for everyday and frequent wear, due to increased comfort and convenience, many fashionistas still prefer simple but proven trends. And one of the clearest examples of this was cotton ribbed tights. Such an accessory has not lost its relevance not only due to its natural breathable base, but also due to its stylish design. Indeed, today textured and graphic materials are more popular than ever. And what could be better than a combination of naturalness with modern trends?

Women’s cotton ribbed tights

Perhaps someone considers simple ribbed tights a conservative piece of clothing from the past. However, today such an accessory is actively used by stylists in a wide variety of images. Due to their naturalness against the background of synthetic non-breathable products, such models have become an original and unusual solution. Therefore, they can often be found in fashionable evening and elegant bows, business fashion and, of course, everyday wear. Let’s see which ribbed tights are the most fashionable?

White ribbed tights. The most versatile are the models of the classic light shade. Unlike black products, white tights look much more feminine, elegant and gentle.

Patterned ribbed tights. If you are not satisfied with a simple design, then the stylists will offer you an option, complemented by a beautiful ornament or openwork pattern throughout the product or along the outer edge of the side of the tights.

Colored ribbed cotton tights. Models in color have become a fashionable choice for images for every day. The actual colors of such tights are deep saturated shades – marsala, purple, brick, dark blue, emerald.