Plaid with sleeves for two

The modern rhythm of life leads to the fact that people who work from morning to evening, and even until late at night, begin to appreciate every minute of free time. It’s so nice to realize that you can lie on the couch with a book or laptop, watch movies and just relax, pushing all the worries and problems into the background. And the most comfortable way to do this is to wrap yourself in a soft blanket. But it is no secret that, while relaxing in this form, everyone faced inconvenience. For example, in order to change the channel or drink a cup of tea, you had to stretch your hand out from under a warm blanket. The situation is not fatal, but why not provide yourself with impeccable comfort? It is for this purpose that such an invention of light industry as a blanket with 4 or 2 sleeves, designed for two or one, respectively, serves.

Practical accessory for a comfortable stay

This invention, which is still a novelty, is a warm plaid, a blanket and a bathrobe with sleeves “in one bottle”. Thanks to the unpretentious but well-thought-out cut, you can freely perform any manipulations with your hands, while remaining warm. A knitted, fur or knitted plaid with sleeves is ideal for working on a computer, allowing you to comfortably sit on a sofa or in an armchair.

These home accessories, presented in a wide range, are sewn from warm and pleasant to the touch materials. Fleece products are especially in demand. This synthetic fabric perfectly warms, does not wrinkle, gives a feeling of home comfort. Such blankets can be washed, and in the summer, a folded accessory will take up no more space in the closet than a set of bed linen. As for colors, they can be very diverse. Fans of a restrained style should buy plain plaids in classic colors, while those who appreciate brightness and originality can use colorful catchy models decorated with cheerful prints.

By the way, you can use blankets with sleeves not only at home. Those who travel with a child in a car, train or plane will also come in handy. Thanks to this unusual blanket, gatherings by the fire on a cool summer evening will become even warmer and more comfortable.

Do you want to give your loved ones a nice gift? Give them a cozy plaid with sleeves, which will be appropriate in the house of a married couple with experience, and in the apartment of the newlyweds.