pixel glasses

The value of glasses as a stylish accessory cannot be overestimated. The variety of models, shapes of lenses, frames and colors makes it easy for fashionistas to choose. Among the classic and trendy styles today, pixel-style glasses stand out brightly. Such accessories in most cases do not carry any utilitarian function. Fashionable pixel glasses are the dominant of the youth image. And they owe their origin to the cult computer game Minecraft. That’s why you don’t have to guess what else pixel glasses are called – “8 bit” or “gamer”. They are not called pixel by chance. The frame, made in the form of pixel-steps, gives the glasses a gaming look. It seems that the glasses are toy, fake, fantasy. This is what attracts lovers of everything unusual, provocative, and daring.

Deciding on style

One glance at the cool pixel glasses is enough to understand the simple truth – they do not fit into the business and office style under any circumstances. Only those who are fans of the popular youth styles of swag, trap, hipster and other subcultures of democratic trends can wear them. But this does not mean that age is a barrier. And adult women who skillfully weave youth wardrobe items into stylish ensembles can acquire this fashion accessory. However, in this case, the creation of the bow should be approached with great care so as not to look ridiculous, causing bewilderment and laughter among others.

If everything is very clear in the case of the styles listed above, then even classic black pixel glasses that fit perfectly into the swag image and without any restrictions, in combination with urban or sports style clothes, may look out of place. They need an appropriate “frame”, that is, an element in a pronounced youth style must be present in the ensemble. It can be a sweatshirt with a “space” print, short denim shorts or ripped jeans. It’s great if the image is complemented by platform or wedge sneakers, brutal boots or bright-colored sneakers.

Pixel glasses models

As a rule, the frame of all pixel glasses is made of ordinary plastic, and the lenses are made of organic. You don’t have to worry about ultraviolet rays damaging your eyesight. Organic plastic, like glass, has protective properties. When choosing glasses, pay attention to the quality of the material from which the loops are made. The best option is metal, since plastic cannot be called strong and durable. By the way, there are also pixel glasses without glasses. Such models are appropriate at any time of the year and day, unlike ordinary sunglasses. Wearing such glasses, you will look stylish, attracting the attention of others. The girl in pixel glasses gives the impression of a resilient optimist who has her own position in life. In addition, this is a clear sign that she understands modern computer trends, and in the youth environment this is an indisputable advantage.

The color range of pixel glasses is very wide. This also applies to the color of the lenses and the color of the frame. Do black and white accessories seem unoriginal to you (if this word can be used to characterize pixel glasses at all)? You have the opportunity to pick up glasses of any color – from pastel shades to acidic flashy colors, and even printed ones, for example, polka dots.