piaget watch

One of the iconic brands that have determined the high reputation of Swiss manufacturers is Piaget watches. The founder of the company, Georges Edouard Piaget, worked for many years in his small workshop. Piaget wristwatches are distinguished by high precision, which is determined by close attention to detail. Initially, the company has been a supplier of basic movements and parts for the most famous watch companies for a hundred years.

The family production has developed over the years, but the company’s watch mechanisms received their original look in 1943. Under its own brand, decorative jewelry watches were produced, which were placed in a Piaget box. And the most recent changes in the company come in connection with the entry into the Richemont group, which specializes in the production of luxury items.


The company pays equal attention to the aesthetic side of the models and technical characteristics. Piaget’s exquisite women’s jewelry watches and models with a surprisingly thin 2.3 mm case are popular. Fans of Swiss Piaget watches are offered models made of precious metals and adorned with precious or semi-precious stones. Among the constituent materials can be noted:

  1. White gold.
  2. Platinum.
  3. Diamonds.
  4. Turquoise.
  5. Lapis lazuli.
  6. Opal.
  7. Onyx.

Craftsmanship and technical innovation have reshaped the historical tradition of watchmaking. Models today are produced in modern minimalist forms and with bizarre outlines of baroque jewelry. Original Piaget watches have a high price, which works to the prestige of the person wearing or purchasing them as a gift.

Decorative rulers are excellent evidence that the main function of a watch to keep time can be squeezed out. Despite the fact that the watch is equipped with a perfect mechanism, it serves as an elegant and stylish decoration for the wrist. At the same time, models are produced that have simple forms in the form of a classic disc with a black strap, which does not interfere with making samples from 18 carat white gold and decorating the dial with diamonds.


Piaget watches belong to the jewelry class, which automatically makes them inaccessible to people who do not have great financial resources. But if you wish, you can buy copies of Piaget watches for a reasonable price.

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