Perfume unisex

Unisex is not just a style of clothing when women wear similar to men’s suits, shirts and jeans. This style defines the whole image of a person, including clothing, makeup, hair and, of course, unisex perfume.

What does unisex perfume mean?

Unisex fragrances are those that do not have a main theme, the accents are shifted, and they suit both men and women equally well. However, you should always remember that fragrances in the bottle and on the skin do not have the same smell, so the same perfume can smell like a woman on the skin of a girl, and like a man on the skin of a young man.

Perfume Calvin Klein unisex

The Calvin Klein brand was the first to introduce unisex fashion in the 90s of the last century. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is in the line of this company that the best unisex perfumes are presented.


This is the first unisex perfume. They were launched in 1994 by renowned perfumers Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont and have a fresh citrus, light yet intense and very versatile scent. It contains about 20 notes.

Top notes: mandarin, pineapple, green notes, begramot, papaya, citrus, cardamom.

Middle notes: jasmine, iris root, violet, rose, lily of the valley, bergamot, nutmeg.

Base notes: sandalwood, amber, white cedar, musk, oakmoss.



This fragrance for men and women belongs to the floral woody-musky group. The perfume was launched in 1996 by perfumer Anna Gottlieb. More suitable for daytime application – they are light and unobtrusive.

Top notes: lavender, green notes, mandarin, mint, bergamot, juniper.

Middle notes: orchid, green grass, magnolia, freesia, jasmine, peach.

Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, amber, opoponax, musk.


Perfume unisex Hermes Voyage

This new fragrance, released in 2012, belongs to the floral musky group. Differs in versatility – suitable for absolutely everyone and for all occasions. And, like all the other perfumes of the brand, it is very persistent.

Top notes: citrus, spices, cardamom.

Middle notes: floral and green notes, rose, tea.

Base notes: woody notes, amber, musk.


Perfume Unisex Molecule

All three editions of the brand’s perfumes – Escentric Molecules 01, 02 and 03 belong to the unisex group. This is a woody-floral musky perfume created by perfumer Geza Schoen. They smell absolutely unique on every person due to the content of synthetic molecules in them.