Perfume Red Moscow

For several decades now, the perfume “Red Moscow” has not lost its relevance and popularity. The aroma of this perfume evokes in many women pleasant memories and nostalgia for the time when these perfumes were the most in demand and popular in the domestic space.

The history of the creation of the perfume “Red Moscow”

So, who produced the perfume “Red Moscow”? There are several versions of the creation of this fragrance. One of them sounds like this. In 1913, the French perfumer Heinrich Brocard, who owns a Russian factory of perfumes, soaps and lipsticks, presented the mother of Nicholas 2, Maria Feodorovna, with a bouquet of wax roses. They exuded an incredible aroma that all the courtiers liked. Subsequently, the same perfume was created with the name “Emperatrix Bouquet”. Thanks to this gift, Heinrich Brokar became the supplier of the Highest Court of His Imperial Majesty. Since then, the cherished bottle with an incredible aroma, which was approved at court, simply had to be in all women.

Where was the perfume “Red Moscow” produced?

In 1917, the factory owned by the French perfumer was nationalized and renamed State Soap Factory No. 5. And in 1922 he got a new name “New Dawn”. The changes also affected the perfume “Bouquet of the Empress”. Since then, the perfume has taken on a completely different name. Now it was the perfume “Red Moscow” from the brand “New Dawn”. For many, the name of this factory is associated precisely with these spirits.

Although according to a different version, the history of the Red Moscow perfume sounds a little different. Many say that several perfumers worked on the creation of this fragrance in this factory. And they are the creators of this incredibly beautiful fragrance, which has become a symbol of Russia.

But in fact, it doesn’t matter who the manufacturer of the Red Moscow perfume is. The main thing is that the fragrance was, is and will delight its many fans.

Spirits of the USSR “Red Moscow”

We can safely say that the fragrance “Red Moscow” is a kind of symbol of the country, which can tell a lot. Probably, it was practically the only perfume that was on the shelf of women of that time. The most desired gift for everyone was this cherished bottle with a wonderful and simple aroma, like the Russian soul itself.

Over the years, the perfume, of course, became a little boring, and many women began to acquire more delicate and subtle Riga and Polish fragrances, and sometimes even got French perfumes that were rare at that time, but, nevertheless, the popularity of these perfumes still does not go away and evokes enchanting memories of days gone by. Many people buy them out of nostalgia, and some want to touch that legend and era. However, the spirits survived their new birth. At the moment, the New Dawn factory is again releasing a more advanced and modern version of everyone’s favorite fragrance.

How much is the perfume “Red Moscow” now? The price of this cherished bottle with a characteristic original design is quite acceptable for many, who produced perfume red moscowwhich, of course, is pleasant for their fans. On average, its cost is equal to 20 dollars.

The composition of the perfume “Red Moscow”

The fragrance was so complex and its composition was kept in strict confidence that it is still not possible to completely reliably recreate it. Now its composition is slightly changed.

Top notes: orange blossom, bergamot, coriander.

Heart notes: rose, carnation, ylang-ylang, jasmine.

Trail notes: vanilla, tonka bean, toffee.

“Red Moscow” is a women’s vintage perfume that can give any girl a mystery, sexuality and a special charming charm. The plume of its fragrance cannot be confused with any other perfume.